Breweries in Tenerife

Master brewers from Tenerife, get ready…

Beer in Tenerife, tradition and vanguard

You may have spent the morning sunbathing on the beach or you may have gone on a beautiful hike. The fact is that, with this delicious weather, you’ re sure to feel like a beer… Why not go one step further? On the island there is an outstanding production of both industrial and artisanal beer. Do you want to know some breweries in Tenerife?

There is a solid tradition of brewing in the Canary Islands, but the craft beer movement has made an important place in the scene.

The Canary Islands have a strong brewing tradition. The first beers from the Canary Islands date back to the thirties of the twentieth century, and have always been characterized by being lager and pilsen type beers, soft and very refreshing. In recent times, some of the most emblematic industrial brands have begun to reap top-level international awards.

But, of course, Tenerife has not been left out of the boom of microbreweries that produce their own craft beers, in the craft beer line. This has much to do with the strong European presence on the island. Today we find numerous high quality specialty beers made in different styles, both respecting tradition and taking innovation as a flag.

If you are in love with the world of beer and want to know everything about how it is made and how it tastes, you can’t miss visiting one, or several, breweries in Tenerife. Are you more interested in large industrial breweries or craft microbreweries? Guided tours or do you just want to try and buy?

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Santa Cruz, epicenter of beer in Tenerife

Any self-respecting tour of the Canary Islands beers cannot do without the following breweries and, of course, tasting their production…

Compañía Cervecera de Canarias:
CCC, the Canary Islands brewery par excellence, arose from the merger of the two main companies of the archipelago and has almost a century of tradition. Dorada beer, Dorada Especial and Tropical beer are its flagships. Now they invite you to take their Dorada Tour in Santa Cruz, where you will learn about the entire manufacturing process and many other interesting details of its history.

Stands out among the breweries in Tenerife as the pioneer of the craft beer movement on the island. A visit to their facilities in El Sauzal is highly recommended: in addition to watching the brewing process, you can enjoy an excellent pairing of beer and tapas. As if that weren’t enough, in their BrewShop you can learn how to brew beer and find everything you need to do so.

We can’t leave Santa Cruz without stopping by the Agüita store and brewery, one of the most talented brewing projects in the entire archipelago. Picona, Morenita and Rubia are already recognized throughout the island; but, always interested in experimentation, they continue to produce very original beers with a markedly Canarian flavor. Piñazo (with pineapple from El Hierro) or San Antonio MileStone (with gofio and honey from La Gomera) are the proof.

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Beyond guided tours

What would the Canarian beer culture be without all those small producers who throw themselves into the ring following their creative instinct? Like these…

La Armada/Brewers Home: From La Laguna we bring you one of the most interesting projects of the island. La Armada stands out among the breweries in Tenerife for the careful planning of its different beers, produced with a balanced mix of technical rigor and gastronomic creativity. Brewers Home is the store, laboratory and host space for those who want to taste, produce or buy.

Tierra de Perros: This is a very personal project developed in an organic vineyard and farm in Los Realejos. Quality, innovation and respect for the environment are the guiding principles of these small producers. It is one of those authentic places that are not open to the general public (you must arrange a visit if you want to see the factory) and that are really worthwhile.

Other craft beers: This is a kind of bonus track for the very brewers; some small producers on the island do not have their facilities open to the public, but you may be able to locate their beers in a specialized brewery or by contacting them directly. La Jefa, La Hermandad, Jeito and Pequeña Fábrica de Cerveza San Pedro 11 produce very personal beers in short batches and full of love. And beer.

“What I really needed was a cold bottle of beer, with the label a little wet and those beautiful drops on the surface of the glass.” – Charles Bukowski

Water, malted cereal, hops… magic…

The universe composed of water, malts and hops is practically infinite and tends to expand constantly. Beer is like life itself. In fact, rarely do we feel as alive as we do with a good beer in our hands, very fresh; and if we are in the Tenerife, enjoying its tremendous environment, what more could you ask for?

Your visit to the island is a great opportunity to get to know some of the country’s most emblematic factories, but also to take the pulse of an independent scene in full expansion. If you like beer, discovering styles and finding nuances, you will find time for everything.

On the other hand, visiting breweries in Tenerife is an activity that can be perfectly combined with other experiences, inside or outside the gastronomic field. A cultural tour of La Laguna, a Segway tour of Santa Cruz or a jeep tour can be the perfect complement.

Tenerife’s beaches are phenomenal, its night sky is unique and the Teide is exceptional, of course, but… make time to taste Tenerife’s beers and delve into the world that surrounds them. And take the opportunity to get to know the producers better! It will be one of the best memories you will take with you from the island.

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