Cooking courses in Tenerife

Garbanzas, gofio, old woman? No problem!

The rich gastronomy of Tenerife

It is said that, when it comes to culinary culture, Tenerife (and the Canary archipelago in general) is a crossroads between three cultures: the indigenous Guanche, the Iberian (Spanish and Portuguese) and the American. From the crossing of products, cooking and styles, the rich gastronomy of this island emerges. Taking cooking courses in Tenerife can help you discover and get to know it better.

Traditional Tenerife dishes are based on fresh quality products, few elements and simple preparations.

It is easy to become interested in Tenerife’s cuisine for several reasons. As soon as we start tasting the traditional dishes we realize that they all start from the same base: quality fresh produce, few elements and simple preparations. These are the same ideas advocated by many of today’s great chefs. Besides, they are not particularly complicated, you only need to learn a few tricks…

So, if you want to go a step further and get down to work, or get into flour, there is nothing more logical than getting started in the local cuisine taking advantage of one of the courses you will find during your stay on the island. Mojos, gofio or escaldón will have no secrets for you… Your palate and that of your circle will thank you.

In the following lines you will find some references of cooking courses in Tenerife. We have selected a variety of workshops in terms of style, geographic location and contents, so that you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

  • Cooking courses in Tenerife – Typical Canarian dishes

    costillas con papas elaboradas en un curso de cocina en tenerife sur
  • Team cooking course in Tenerife

    risas de 4 personas durante cursos de cocina en tenerife
  • Learning to cook fish in Tenerife

    platos tipicos insulares en cursos de cocina en tenerife

In the area of guachinches…

Cooking courses in Tenerife north

You can find an abundant and
abundant and varied offer of courses
and workshops in the northern part of the island. These are just a few of them.

You’re out of your mind:
We start with the capital and, of course, with the excellent workshops proposed by this dynamic company. His stand out among the cooking courses in Santa Cruz de Tenerife for adding to the pure practice (of which they know a bit), the development of the values linked to gastronomy. Families, friends, children, companies, everyone has their own specifically designed workshop.

Artistic Schools:
These prestigious schools in Los Realejos have also made a niche for cooking. This option is ideal for those who are going to spend a long time on the island and are passionate about gastronomy. The creative pastry workshop taught by Pedro Rodríguez Dios goes from shopping to tasting, with professional parameters. Something different from other cooking courses in Tenerife, dare!

La Cocina del Mencey:
This is an out of the ordinary proposal. The Iberostar Heritage Grand Mencey hotel opens the doors of its luxurious kitchen classroom for private events; you cook and they help you. What interests us is that they can organize tailor-made private courses, in which their impressive staff will guide you in the preparation and tasting of the dishes of your choice. A real privilege.

  • Quiet & Different

  • Hobby

  • Single

  • Various Locations

  • Difficulty level: Easy

  • More than 3 hours

  • Moderate (€)

  • Cooking course Tenerife

    cursos de cocina en tenerife
  • Learning to cook in Tenerife

    cursos de cocina en tenerife
  • Cooking classes Tenerife

    cursos de cocina en tenerife
  • Cooking courses in Tenerife south

    cursos de cocina en tenerife

Cooking courses in Tenerife south

Below you will find cooking courses in Tenerife south. The southern part of the island is, of course, very well supplied in this sense.

Cook & Taste: Adeje is home to one of the most carefully selected cooking classes on the island. Oriented to initiate the “pinches” in the Canarian or Spanish gastronomic culture, they do not neglect the most playful part of all this: tasting. Among their different courses, we recommend the one specialized in Canarian tapas, to which they give an innovative touch. Excellent professionals, small groups and very competitive prices.

Private Chef Roberto Medda: Roberto is a private chef with over 30 years of experience worldwide. Now you can use his cooking courses in Tenerife in a completely personalized way: at your home, he will accompany you in the preparation of the dishes of your choice. Can you imagine what dinner you are going to prepare? A golden opportunity to delve into the local gastronomy, learn techniques and tricks…

Sandra’s Paella Experience: You can’t go through Spain without making paella, right? Sandra is an internationally experienced chef who has turned her career around. Learn with her step by step all the secrets to prepare this emblematic dish; because making paella is easy, but making it well… An ideal activity for groups of friends.

“There is no dish disdained in the kitchen when it is done in an authentic way.” – Néstor Luján

Discover Tenerife through food

Cooking is a practice that goes far beyond simply preparing food. It requires knowing what we are preparing, the products and the end result. It implies different results depending on what we do with the same raw material. It puts us in contact with people we can learn from. And, the icing on the cake, the result is (in theory) edible and makes us happy….

On the other hand, the cooking courses in Tenerife that we have presented to you are a great activity for friends and families, in which we can all have a lot of fun while learning more about cooking in general and about the gastronomy of Tenerife in particular. And you take home new recipes that will always remind you of your Tenerife culinary experience.

Choose any cooking class or some of the free cooking courses in Tenerife that you find in the vicinity of your accommodation and you will see that Tenerife and its people are well reflected in the product of their kitchens. Quality, simplicity and flavor are their main characteristics; with a little love and know-how, they can become true delicacies.

Take advantage of your visit and discover all the possibilities (really countless!) that gofio offers; you will see that the important thing in a fish dish is the fish, and there will be no mojo that will resist you. Have fun cooking amazing recipes, simple in essence and with spectacular results. After this, recreating the Canary Islands in your kitchen will be one of your star culinary resources…