Gastronomy in Tenerife

Eat the island!

An island that is reflected in its gastronomy

Canarian cuisine has a personality of its own that locals find irresistible and that usually dazzles all those who visit any part of the archipelago at one time or another. Here we give you the keys about the gastronomy in Tenerife that you have to know when you come to the island.

In Tenerife, fresh produce and simple preparations are the mainstay.

The Canary Islands is a crossroads in many ways, and cuisine is one of them. Geographically African, secular bridge between Europe and America, the archipelago has combined different traditions and ways of understanding gastronomy; aboriginal, European and Latin American influences intertwine to form a particular culinary culture.

The bases of the gastronomy in Tenerife are few and very simple: very fresh and high quality local or nearby products are used, they are elaborated in very simple preparations and some of these preparations are used at very different times, as if they were jokers.

On the other hand, each island within the “Canarian universe” has its own peculiarities, not only geographical or scenic, but also when it comes to eating. Thus, the gastronomy in Tenerife has much to do with that found in the rest of the Canary Islands, but at the same time has its own personality that we invite you to discover.

The product, the bases, the specialties

Fish market, mill and banana plantation:
Visiting the places where everything starts is the best way to understand the weight of a certain product in a society. Visiting a fish market, a gofio mill or a banana plantation you will be able to see first hand some of the most deeply rooted gastronomic raw materials in the Canarian genome.

Markets: The markets are another must for those who want to soak up the daily culture of the place they visit; the offer of products from the garden, the fruit stalls, the different cuts of meat or fish … In addition, Tenerife markets, full of color, are lively and welcoming places that you will love.

Typical Canarian food:
If you are looking for typical food, Tenerife will not disappoint. Here you will not fail to find the great exponents of traditional Canarian cuisine. Papas arrugás, mojos, cheeses, stews and of course many desserts are dishes common to the whole archipelago that, logically, are also present in the gastronomy of Tenerife.

Specialties of Tenerife:
Fiesta meat, rabbit in salmorejo, marinated tuna, chicharro en escabeche, sancocho or frangollo are some of the favorite dishes of the people of Tenerife. If you are a connoisseur of Canarian gastronomy, discover also the nuances of local preparations! It is even possible to observe subtle differences within the island, in the gastronomy of Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, for example?

  • calle la Noria in Santa Cruz – Gastronomy in Tenerife

    Gastronomy in Tenerife
  • Scales for gofio weighing in Tenerife

    Gastronomia en Tenerife
  • Empanadas made in Tenerife

    Gastronomy in Tenerife
  • Country Wine, part of the Gastronomy in Tenerife

    Gastronomia en Tenerife

Wines, gachinches and stars

Wine tasting: Canarian wines enjoy international fame for their unique peculiarities, and Tenerife wine could not be an exception. You cannot leave the island without enjoying a wine tasting in one of the wineries or restaurants in Tenerife’s wine region and learning about the most appropriate pairings in each case.

Guachinches: Deeply related to Tenerife’s wine culture are the guachinches. These are very simple establishments, usually temporary and always informal, where the producers offer visitors and potential buyers a taste of their harvested wine (along with a local specialty). Tenerife culture in its purest form.

Gastronomic routes: To combine leisure and gastronomy, Tenerife offers numerous possibilities. There are several emblematic neighborhoods and routes in Santa Cruz, La Laguna and many other places on the island that are perfect for a stroll or to spend the day while having a drink and tasting the specialties of the establishments in the area.

Exclusive restaurants: But not everything is homemade and traditional food in the gastronomy of Tenerife. The island has several Michelin-starred restaurants for their carefully selected and exclusive interpretation of Canarian food; there are five starred restaurants within easy reach in different locations!

“At home I serve the kind of food whose history I know.” – Michael Pollan

You will meet Tenerife fork in hand

We have already mentioned that the gastronomy in Tenerife can be proud of the quality of the products of its orchard and its sea. Once here, you have to explore both the basics of Canarian cuisine and the island’s specialties (not forgetting the wine). And, of course, immerse yourself in the world of restaurants, guachinches, bars, sales and tascas…

In addition, you will be able to see for yourself the unique nuances that make Tenerife food different in every corner of the island. And you will see (or, rather, taste) how climate, landscape and history are fundamental to understanding the harmony between a food and its environment. That’s why food is so good when you try it in the right context!

Whether you like simple food or more sophisticated elaborations, whether for you the local flavor is essential or if you see the act of eating as part of a more social and leisure, throughout Tenerife you will find what you are looking for: the perfect culinary complement to your visit.

To travel is to live, but also to eat and drink. Surely the gastronomy in Tenerife helps you to better understand the island where you are and to make it forever a place in your memory, your palate and your heart. It can’t be any other way!

  • Papas arrugadas con mojo rojo, part of the island’s gastronomic heritage

    Gastronomy in Tenerife
  • Canarian bananas at the Pinolere flea market

    Gastronomy in Tenerife
  • Escaldón de gofio served at Casa Tomás (Portezuelo)

    Gastronomy in Tenerife