Riding in Tenerife

Tenerife, your saddle and you

The fascinating world of horsemanship

The gentle rocking of the horse between your legs, the warm breath of the animal in the air. All around you, the silence of the countryside or the mountains, the breeze rustling the branches and the birds above your heads. Horseback riding in Tenerife is an experience. Don’t you already feel like doing some horseback riding in Tenerife?

Touring Tenerife on horseback is one of those experiences that are worthwhile.

Equestrianism is an art as old as civilization, and the horse is one of man’s quintessential companions. Throughout history many sporting practices have been developed in which the horse is the protagonist: racing, jumping, dressage, harness and many others. Tenerife is an exceptional place to practice some of them, especially in contact with nature.

In addition, you don’t need to be a seasoned rider to do any of the numerous equestrian activities offered on the island. But if you are, great, because you will be able to enjoy to the maximum with the routes, excursions, classes or any other event related to horses that is within your reach throughout your stay.

From here we want to encourage you to
to practice horse riding in Tenerife
. Whatever your level, and regardless of the type of activity you are looking for, here you can satisfy your desires in one of the following riding clubs or equestrian centers that you will find scattered throughout the island.

Horseback riding in the north of Tenerife

The northern part, with its rugged terrain and lush vegetation, is perfect for horseback riding.
perfect for a horseback ride
. If you are looking for an equestrian center in Tenerife north, no problem.

El Molino Equestrian Center:
A club with riding lessons in Tenerife north with very good projection for its well valued school, which participates in various dressage championships, as well as for its great facilities recently renovated. They offer training, among other activities. From their headquarters in Tegueste, around the restored mill, symbol of the house, they are like an open door to the north of the island.

Travieso Adventure:
Few things like a horseback excursion to get you into the protected areas of central Tenerife, and few more able to make you experience something unique as the staff of Travieso. His personalized routes start from his small but beautiful refuge of Aguamansa, in La Orotava. The Corona Forestal and the Teide National Park will have no secrets for you.

La Esperanza Riding Center:
If we talk about horse riding in Tenerife we must necessarily refer to La Esperanza, in the town of the same name. They offer tailor-made horseback riding routes for all levels, whether you have never touched a horse or you are an expert rider. They will accompany you to explore the northern forests of the island on routes of varying difficulty. You will come back in love with the horses and the territory.

  • Exciting & Different

  • Ecofriendly

  • Single

  • Various Locations

  • Difficulty level: Moderate

  • More than 3 hours

  • Moderate (€)

  • Horseback riding in Tenerife South

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  • Horses resting – Equestrian in Tenerife

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  • Horseback riding trail in Tenerife north

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  • Horseback riding in the mountains of Tenerife

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You can ride horses anywhere on the island.

Riding in the south of Tenerife

Naturally, the south is full of facilities related to equestrian activities. These are just some of them.

Centro Hípico y de Ocio Xanadú: Usually known as Hípica Xanadú Tenerife, this place is a true paradise for horse lovers. Equestrian shows, tailor-made rides and routes, summer camps and even equine therapy are their specialties. But they also produce events, have a restaurant, a mini-zoo and a children’s area. You will find them in Guargacho, in Arona.

Rancho Bonanza: Behind this classic name is one of the most outstanding spaces dedicated to horses in Tenerife. Located in El Desierto, very close to Granadilla de Abona, its walks and routes take place in well preserved natural areas. The facilities for its fifty specimens are superb, and they offer both beginner and advanced classes.

Centro Hípico del Sur: It stands out among the equestrian centers in Tenerife for being the most professional of all. There are activities of pupilage, tutoring or summer camps, but their forte is teaching: dressage, jumping and vaulting courses at three levels. They host several national competitions, with the presence of elite riders. The center (Club Los Migueles, with five hectares and large facilities) is located between the TF-1 and Buzaneda.

“Of all the arts, the equestrian art is the closest to the art of living, because everything it teaches us is directly applicable to life itself.”- Alois Podhkjasky

Horsenail Tenerife

Tenerife is an island with great natural wealth, and moreover, of the most varied: beaches and cliffs, plantations and midlands, rainforests, volcanic mountains … It is worth touring it close to the ground, and on a horse is simply one of those experiences that are worthwhile.

Activities traditionally conditioned by their price, equestrian is no longer synonymous with high prices. On the contrary, you will find that few activities, with the same budget, are as rewarding as getting close to these noble animals and sharing a few hours with them while you go deep into Tenerife.

What is really important when choosing a company dedicated to activities with horses is to make sure that the treatment the animals receive, as well as the facilities they use, are adequate. Fortunately, both owners and trainers and caregivers in Tenerife are sensitive in this regard, but in any case, it is something we should always keep in mind.

With all that we’ve told you, you’ve probably got the bug. Don’t think twice; on your next visit, treat yourself to an activity related to horse riding in Tenerife. Whether it’s a hike through the northern forests, a walk through the volcanic terrain of the south or dressage lessons. In any case, time with the horses is always time well spent.

  • Horseback riding in Tenerife

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  • Children horseback riding – Hípica Tenerife

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  • Hand tending to a horse in Tenerife

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