Kayak in Tenerife

Your adventure in the Atlantic Ocean! 

If you’re thinking of coming…

Kayaking in Tenerife is more than just an activity at sea – the island’s coasts have a variety of sceneries that will fascinate you!

Take advantage of excursions and kayak rental services to make the most of your experience.

Adventure is an attitude. Are you ready? 

In the most prominent tourist locations, you can do a variety of kayak tours, for marine fauna (dolphins, cetaceans or turtles), and to enjoy views of cliffs, caves, rock formations and coves away from the reach of crowds.  

Although the weather is usually good most of the year, not always the state of the sea is favorable. Kayaking is not recommended in the winter months.  

Don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat or cap if you intend to do a kayak excursion no matter how long it takes. Kayaking exposes you to the sun and it’s very easy to get burned.  

Dive into the water and discover Tenerife from a different perspective! 

If you want to go on an Excursion on your own…

Los Gigantes: is the first location that always comes to mind when we refer to kayaking. This area has a multitude of spectacular cliffs. If the weather is good, it is possible to take a good bath away from the world in a cove such as Playa del Eco, which is about 1 km north of the port of Los Cristianos.

Costa de Adeje: it provides possibilities of somewhat hidden environments. Although Puerto Colón is the port of choice, if you rent a kayak and take the car north to La Caleta (or leave from Puerto Colón if you have more time and desire), you will be able to reach more quiet and beautiful locations north of La Caleta, such as Diego Hernández’s Wild Beach and other similar corners in the area.

Los Cristianos: is a fairly popular location in the south of the island. Bring your kayak and head south to Puerto de los Cristianos for beautiful views of the coastline. You will have the chance to see dolphins and turtles along the way. Due to the more arid climate of the south of the island, it is especially recommended bringing sunscreen and plenty of water.

Mesa del mar: offers two very different difficulty routes. The easiest way is to leave from Playa de la Arena towards the north to El Pris. In this route, you will be able to appreciate the coast in a more relaxed way and stop in this nearby town. To the south, a long road along the gigantic cliffs of Bahía de la Garañona to the beach of Costa Sauzal. A road of approximately 4.6 km that can take up much of the day, but the views and tranquility that you breathe in this part of the island will leave you wanting more.

Tabaiba: in the south of the capital of Tenerife, the area’s beaches offer a good starting point to see locations such as El Baúl. You will arrive at Half Mountain, Piedra de San Luis, Punta de las Coloradas and Punta Pachona. A plus: the beautiful views of the picturesque village of Boca Cangrejo.

  • Fun & Exciting

  • Instagramable

  • In Group and Individual

  • Several Locations

  • Difficulty level: Medium

  • 1 to 3 hours

  • Moderate (€€)

If you want to enjoy kayaking in Tenerife accompanied …

The following undertakings offer kayak excursions in Tenerife: 

Kayaking Atlantis: It has departures from Los Cristianos with three different offers: kayak and snorkel with turtles, kayak looking for dolphins and a pack which includes the option of adding scuba diving to any of the two activities above. You will be picked up free of charge at your hotel if it is located in the south of Tenerife.  

Surf Life Tenerife: apart from being an excellent surf school, it offers morning kayak excursions in La Caleta. They offer visits to fish farms. You can see green turtles and dolphins in kayaks for one or two people. Perfect for taking your partner or a friend to this calm sea area. 

Kayak Academy Tenerife: based in the port of Los CristianosThis school makes daily departures of both kayak and kayak + snorkeling in the wonderful waters of the area, during approximately two and a half hours, from the port to the Palmar Cave 

Teno Activo: is a company that gives you the option of different combinations of activities, among them, kayaking in Los Gigantes, so that you can be amazed by the unique images that have made this place so famous. Single or double kayaks are available. With a duration of approximately two hours and low difficulty, they make two daily departures, but if you go with a good group of friends (10 or more), you have the option of choosing another time slot.  

«Exploring is the essence of the human spirit.»

If you haven’t made up your mind yet…

Remember that kayaking in Tenerife is not only a good hobby, it is also an excellent exercise and a unique way to see the coasts of the island at your own pace. You can choose to go alone or in family, as it is possible to take the youngest in the central area of the kayaks for two people.  

Get closer to dolphins and turtles than you can get on a boat or catamaran excursion. Kayaking makes it easy for you to reach otherwise inaccessible coves and beaches, as well as enter the various caves that are scattered along the island’s cliffs. 

You can enjoy kayaking practically all along the coast, as there are no restrictions to access to any area. How far you go depends on your desire to paddle! Remember to have sufficient water supplies and physical capacity for the return trip.  

Avoid kayaking between 1:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. In this time zone, the sun hits the strongest, besides, the best hours to see the marine fauna are between 9 and noon or 6 and 8 in the afternoon.  

Don’t forget there’s a chance you might get seasick in a kayak. Throwing oneself into the water usually ends instantly with any instance of dizziness. Don’t worry, it’ll be easy for you to get back on the boat. Although it’s best to practice it before you go out.  

We hope to see you enjoying the experience of rowing during your holidays on our coasts! 

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