Kitesurfing in Tenerife

Never has a kite been so much fun

A sport tailored to Tenerife

In Tenerife we have many things, but if anything abounds, apart from volcanic rock, it is beach and wind. When both ingredients are mixed in the right proportion and in the right way, kitesurfing in Tenerife appears: a fun, exciting activity that has become a must for the water sports enthusiasts who visit us.

Kitesurfing is the closest you will get to flying without actually flying.

Kitesurfing appeared in the mid-1980s and has spread like wildfire among board sports enthusiasts; it requires less wind and materials than windsurfing, and extremely spectacular maneuvers and jumps can be performed at stratospheric speed. It’s as close as you’ll get to flying without actually flying.

Although it has a certain risk component (where would be the fun if it didn’t), kitesurfing is first and foremost about practice and expertise. Tenerife offers perfect spots for beginners, as well as board and kite paradises worthy of international championships. Thus, everyone can kitesurf in Tenerife at the height of their expectations.

This natural child of surfing and paragliding, a child prodigy among water sports, fed on trade winds and bowling, should be a must for any sporting spirit that comes to the beaches of the island. It seems to be on its way to becoming one. Now we show you where to go and who to turn to for instruction or equipment.

Kitesurfing, El Médano, Tenerife, a love story

In Tenerife, kitesurfing and Medano are synonymous. This windsurfing world championship venue has not gone unnoticed by kite fanatics.

30 knots: It stands out among the kitesurfing schools in El Medano (Tenerife) for its experience, its seriousness and its high level of commitment: courses of various levels, post-course service, baptism… In addition, they offer their services as a repair shop, accredited Rance Center, store and rental space with a wide offer. And they won’t hesitate to offer advice on whatever you need.

Red Rock:
Kitesurfing in Tenerife and specifically in El Medano has in Red Rock Surf & Kite all a prop. Their staff is exceptional, their courses are very complete (from kite control to water start), and their rental equipment is superb. It is not for nothing that they are part of the International Kiteboard Organization… And there is no board sport that can resist them!

Tenerife Kitesurf School:
They are a school, and a very good one, by the way, but they are much more than that. They are also a reference point for the whole island if you want to test, rent or buy equipment or accessories. The instructors are impressively trained and experienced, and the customer service is brilliant. Its popularity among tourists and residents alike is not surprising.

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Beyond Medano; other kitesurf Tenerife spots

For those who are just starting out or those who are looking for new kitesurfing spots, Tenerife is an unavoidable reference.

Ika Ika Surf School: Las Americas has the peculiarity of being a great kitesurfing spot in Tenerife for very experienced kitesurfers, but it also has all the necessary requirements to be a perfect classroom for beginners. At Ika Ika they know this and, although their specialty is surfing, they offer specific kite training. They also offer lodging options.

Paradise Tenerife: Anthony and Amandine are a French couple who have turned their passion for adventure into a way of life. Anthony has been hanging from a kite since 2002 and has become an expert jumper. Kitesurfing, Tenerife, Costa Adeje and surroundings are fortunate to have their personalized lessons (two people maximum) in the most strategic points of the island.

Kitesurf 313: Let’s admit it, we are cheating a bit, because 313 is in the epicenter of Tenerife kitesurfing (that is, El Medano), where they develop their activity as a school and equipment rental point, but they also know all the other interesting locations: La Tejita, El Porís, Güímar… An essential place for the most experienced kitesurfers.

“I should have recognized that that man was experiencing supreme pleasure as the sea drove him swiftly and smoothly.” – James Cook

Emotion on a board

With a little instruction, relatively simple equipment and a little practice you can progress quickly and start enjoying kitesurfing. Surely this is the secret of this activity; apart from the intense experience, both for novices and experts, once we feel the wind dragging the kite…

Once you attach the tracks to the harness and bar and feel that pang of tension… Get ready to feel the waves under your board, the kite pulling you along and the wind and foam surrounding you. And when you feel that the equipment responds to you, that you dominate the situation and that you can fly over the sea… The feeling of being alive in its purest state. A sensation you will never forget.

As if all this were not enough, Tenerife offers you the possibility of spending a stay rich in the most diverse experiences. An afternoon playing paintball, a traditional Canarian cooking course or a yoga session can complement your kitesurfing experience in a balanced way.

Be sure to find out about the options for kitesurfing in Tenerife before or during your visit to the island. If you stay in the south you will have the main spots very close, and if you are in the north, El Médano is well worth an excursion, even if it is only to see the landscape; La Tejita, Montaña Roja, Ifara… But, after all that has been said, we don’t think you should limit yourself to that.

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