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Parrot paradise… and much more!

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Loro Parque: a zoo, a research center, a sanctuary

When we talk about the Parrot Parche in Tenerife the first thing that comes to mind are the parrot
parrot shows

riding bicycles
. This is normal; when the park opened its doors in 1972its 150 parrots left a whole generation speechless a whole generation with the first show of this genre in Europe.

Today, 45 years later, the park has grown tenfold in size (135,000 m3). size (135,000 m2), has enormously increased its animal “staff” and
and has received a whopping 50 million visitors.
. In fact, it has twice (2017 and 2018) been voted the best zoo in the world by users of Tripadvisor.

Leisure is only one of the facets of Loro Parque.

In addition,
the park’s activities have changed and diversified.
. In fact, it is much more than a zoo: its botanical collection is truly impressive; is a center for the conservation of endangered species and zoological research of the first order. zoological research; and it has made environmental sustainability one of its raisons d’être.

Probably, when Wolfgang Kiessling (the current president and owner of the park) and his father arrived in Puerto de la Cruz.on the north coast of the island of Tenerifethey did not imagine that its small park would end up becoming a a world reference in terms of leisure, but also in terms of conservation of cetaceans and psittacines, captive breeding programs, sustainability…

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What will we find in Loro Parque?

Thousands of animals, numerous spaces and environments, more than a dozen experiences and a host of facilities will make your visit to Loro Parque Loro Parque

experience that you will remember forever


list of species
housed in the Loro Parque in Tenerife is too long to mention in detail; no less than 25 species considered exotic. Among others, you will find in Loro Parque orcas, dolphins, jaguars, alligators, lions, tigers, gorillas, chimpanzees, iguanas, sloths, anteaters, lemurs, meerkats, galapagos, … and even red pandas!

reproduction of these natural habitats
is not an easy task, but it is attempted in the multiple facilities of the park, which has 100 aviaries, the largest dolphinarium in Europe (until the arrival of the Oceanogràfic de Valencia), Tiger Island, Chimpland, Planet Penguin, an enviable orchidarium, an aquarium with the largest methacrylate cylinder in the world, enclosures for different species…

The park offers
thirteen very different exhibits.
Some are focused on different animals, such as Planet Penguin, but others have a different orientation. Naturavisión is a movie theater focused on environmental awareness. In Baby Station we can learn about parrot breeding and other laboratory activities. And the Porcelain Museum… It’s an incredible collection of parrot figurines!

In addition,
we can be almost totally sure that the weather will be

the weather will be favorable

the weather at Loro Parque
is typical of the

climate of Puerto de la Cruz

pleasant, mild, slightly humid and occasionally cloudy. It could not be otherwise in an archipelago privileged in this and many other ways.

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Loro Parque’s commitment to the environment and ecology as a hallmark of its identity

Fully aware of the threats facing animal life on our planet today, the Parrot Parche of Tenerife has assumed as its own mission to
to protect endangered species
to protect endangered species, to contribute to the conservation of their ecosystems and to promote contact with them.to contribute to the conservation of their ecosystems and to promote sustainable contact between man and animals.

Thus, as a
real embassy


wild animals, the park’s
the park’s efforts, through its through its Foundation Foundation have earned the park (among many other tourism sustainability awards) recognition from the American Humane Association Associationof the ABTA The British or Responsible Tourism Institute, commending their work in favor of animal welfare.

Some of the
best practices implemented at Loro Parque include the elimination of single-use plastic in its facilities, the production of organic crops to feed its animals and its own
is the elimination of single-use plastic in its facilities, the production of organic crops to feed its animals and its own photovoltaic power plant in the south of the island.

Loro Parque in Tenerife participates in two
European programs for the recovery of endangered species
(EEP y ESB), and has been distinguished in the cases of some critically endangered parrot species. It also collaborates with several universities and NGOs of the Canary archipelago.

In addition, the Loro Parque is aaffiliated to various zoological entitiessuch as EAZAAIZA, WAZA y EAAM. In these associations
a “modern zoo” concept
in which the preservation of wildlife and the education of the public is as important, if not more important, than entertainment and spectacle.

  • Loro Parque’s red parrots in Tenerife

    Red parrots eating fruit at the Loro Parque in Tenerife
  • Victoria’s Crowned Dove, Loro Parque in Tenerife

    Loro Parque Tenerife
  • Orca greeting the public at the Loro Parque

    Loro Parque Tenerife
  • White tiger at the Loro Parque in Tenerife

    Loro Parque Tenerife
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“One does not know oneself until one catches the reflection of eyes other than human.”- Loren


Get close to wildlife in the unique environment of Loro Parque.

Many of the visitors who come to a
want to discover and explore the important and varied natural heritage of natural heritage of the island. It is logical; it is a privileged enclave where
nature sports,

nature sports, breathtaking landscapes and wildlife

are within easy reach

For all these reasons and because it is
a truly unique experience
experience, we recommend that on your next visit you do not be sure to visit to stop by. Consecute your entradas to Loro Parque as soon as possible for you and your family and enjoy a day of leisure in contact with some animal species that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

A garden of dragon trees and other plants of MacaronesiaThe park’s facilities are impeccable and, of course, hundreds of parrots are waiting for you. You will see how
you won’t forget your time at



in Tenerife in a long, long time…

  • Dolphins at a Loro Parque show

    Loro Parque Tenerife
  • View of the entrance to the Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.

    Loro Parque Tenerife
  • Choppy sea a few meters from the Loro Parque

    Loro Parque Tenerife
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