Motorcycles in Tenerife

Tenerife is waiting for you, give it gas!

Tenerife, a theme park for bikers

Surely you are already aware of the beauty and diversity of the landscapes of Tenerife, but we do not know if you have noticed the relief and the layout of the roads of Tenerife. If you haven’t been, we’ll tell you that it’s something of a biker’s promised land. Motorcycle lovers in Tenerife are in luck.

The climate of the island, the sinuosity of the routes and the quality of the asphalt make Tenerife the promised land for bikers.

To this love story contribute the island’s wonderful climate and the quality of the pavement on most of the island’s highwaysAlthough there are many winding roads, sloppy asphalts are a thing of the past, and we can now ride around the island without fear of damaging a shock absorber or our back in the attempt.

Discovering the Canary Islands by motorcycle is one of the best ways to approach this rugged land, where forests and volcanoes go hand in hand, and to get in touch with its people and their true way of life. One of the best ways to get in touch with its tremendous landscapes. To feel Tenerife up close.

So do not think about it too much; here we bring you some of the routes and motorcycle rental points that can come in handy to make your first kilometers around Tenerife. The rest is up to you.

Motorcycle routes around the island

We propose you
three routes with different durations and itineraries
that represent well the variety that you will find on the island.

The Anaga Massif:
At the northern end of the island is one of the best preserved and most rugged territories of the island. We suggest a route of 66 kilometers and just over two hours: leave San Andrés on the TF-12 to El Bailadero; here you will turn off on the winding TF-123 until you reach the tiny hamlet of Chamorga; retrace your steps and head for the Cruz del Carmen viewpoint; then go down towards Tegueste (TF-13) and finish at Punta del Hidalgo.

The great circular:
A good combination for those who want to do many kilometers (about 200, in three hours) and see emblematic places. You can leave Santa Cruz towards the south, along the TF-1 to El Médano; return to the highway and, when it ends in Santiago del Teide, take the TF-82; continue along the TF-42 and then the TF-5 towards Garachico, Icod de los Vinos, Puerto de la Cruz, Tacoronte… San Cristóbal de La Laguna would be a good end point.

From coast to coast:
We will cross the island and go through the Teide National Park, a must for motorcycles in Tenerife, in 95 kilometers and about two and a half hours. The starting point is Puerto de la Cruz; the TF-31/TF-21 takes us to La Orotava, to Las Cañadas del Teide and to the foot of the cable car; and we start descending… cross Vilaflor, explore the midlands of Granadilla de Abona and take the TF-64 until we reach the stupendous beach of El Médano.

  • Fun & Surprising

  • Hobby

  • Single

  • Various Locations

  • Difficulty level: Medium

  • More than 3 hours

  • Moderate (€)

  • Motorcycle cornering in Tenerife

    motos en tenerife
  • Motorcycle descending towards Santiago del Teide

    motos en tenerife
  • Ocean view from San Juan de la Rambla, Tenerife

    motos en tenerife
  • Motorcycles in Tenerife climbing the Teide road

    motos en tenerife

Motorcycle rental in Tenerife

As far as motorcycle rentals are concerned, Tenerife is very well stocked; we have already told you that there is a great passion for motorcycles here?

More than Motos Tenerife RENT: The specialized rental branch of the prestigious dealer of the same name offers an unbeatable rental offer on the island, in terms of the variety of motorcycles available and probably in terms of price as well. And, as the name says, here you will also find mopeds, scooters, quads or even the new qooder. You will find them in Puerto de la Cruz.

Motostyle Tenerife: In Santiago del Teide we find another of the indispensable references about motorcycles in Tenerife. Here you can buy new or used, get parts and accessories, repair and of course rent motorcycles and almost any two-wheeled vehicle; and some quads too, if you want. Due to their location between Teno and Teide, they are a favorite of many regular bikers.

Moto4Fun: This is one of the many options you will find in the south of the island. They are an agency specialized in motorcycles, with a passionate staff that will know how to find the naked, tourer or scooter that best suits what you are looking for. It is based in Costa Adeje, and is perfect for those who want to explore the nooks and crannies of the south of the island.

“When I’m on my bike I love being alive; when I’m not on my bike I’d love to be alive.” – Neil Peart

The perfect place to ride a motorcycle

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, we are sure you will not miss this opportunity to experience the thrill of two wheels. So get a bike as soon as you can, put on your helmet and go for miles. We don’t need to tell you, but keep warm; in Tenerife it is very good, but in different areas you can also find fog or rain.

The best thing about motorcycles in Tenerife is probably that the biker micro-universe is very well installed on the island. The community tends to be very helpful to each other, and other road users are extremely respectful, even in urban areas, of motorcyclists.

We don’t know if you prefer to explore the arid volcanic terrain of the Malpaís de Güímar, climb the legendary road to Masca or be enraptured by the vineyards of the peaceful Orotava Valley. What we do know is that you will enjoy it to the fullest, hearing the purr of the engine and seeing the asphalt flow under your feet.

The motorcycle can be used to cover short distances in a pleasant and practical way or to make long routes; it can be the highlight of your stay or combine it with hiking tours, visits to museums or quiet days at the beach. Whatever the case may be, don’t miss out on all that motorcycles in Tenerife have to offer.

  • Road near Las Lagunetas in Tenerife

    motos en tenerife
  • Motorcycle parked to enjoy a break en route

    motos en tenerife
  • Ideal road for motorcyclists climbing Mount Teide

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