Mountain Bike in Tenerife

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The bicycle on the fringes of the asphalt

Those who have never been mountain biking find it hard to understand the passion of enthusiasts to suffer climbing extreme slopes or descending like crazy through forests and ravines. And those who have never mountain biked in Tenerife do not know the true potential of this addictive sport.

Tenerife is a world sanctuary for mountain biking.

With its rugged terrain, its dramatic slopes and its magnificently preserved natural areas, Tenerife is one of those sanctuaries of mountain biking where those who are not devoted to its arrival, are usually converted before their departure. Freeride, downhill, cross-country, enduro, all modalities can be practiced here without major complications.

The network of forest trails in Tenerife is the most suitable for MTB. It crosses the island in all directions, especially La Corona Forestal and other protected natural areas. The best reference to know the marked BC (bicycle and horse routes) of the island is this, the official one of the Cabildo of Tenerife, in which 8 different zones are indicated, including recreational areas and camping areas, among other facilities.

We don’t need to tell you, but if you want to practice mountain biking in Tenerife, as in any other place, it is advisable that before you get well informed about the routes you want to do (their characteristics and technical difficulties), and of course that you take, in addition to a suitable bike, the necessary protective equipment. Here is some information about it.

Mountain biking routes in Tenerife

It is not easy to mention only three mountain bike tours; Tenerife has an infinite number of routes of varying length and difficulty.
tours of varying length and difficulty.
. This is just a sample…

Northern Forest Route:
It is the great MTB route of the island, which runs along the entire northern slope of the Corona Forestal. Almost 90 kilometers, from Las Raíces to Chío, and numerous variants at your disposal. Extremely demanding, both for its length and its route, it is very common to find many fans doing it in different sections over a week, for example.

Pinares del Sur and Black Volcanoes:
If you are looking for the most iconic image of the island, this is your route. A little more than 16 kilometers between pine forests and arid volcanic terrain. But that doesn’t mean that there are no good slopes; don’t expect a road of roses, but a percentage higher than 8%… It would be, in any case, an excellent way to get started with mountain biking in Tenerife.

Malpaís de La Rasca:
Just to show that, speaking of mountain bike routes, Tenerife has layouts for all tastes, we present you something completely different. This route through La Rasca, in the extreme south of the island, is practically flat and technically very simple, but with great natural and ethnographic attractions: the volcanic terrain of cardonal-tabaibal meets here with the Guanche archaeological footprint.

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  • Difficulty level: Moderate

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  • Authorized mountain bike trail in La Esperanza, Tenerife

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Where can I rent a mountain bike in Tenerife?

By now you can imagine that, as far as mountain bike rentals are concerned, Tenerife has a huge offer. No, you’re not the first to come without a bike…

Probicis Norte: This house in Santa Ursula is one of those places where it smells like a bike from the moment you enter; workshop and store of all life, the same they fix you a chain that you take a stopwatch. They know their way around and, of course, all the island’s cycling spots. And they offer you the solutions you need. An excellent option to take a rental bike with you and, by the way, a handful of tips and recommendations.

Bike Point Tenerife: With an establishment in El Médano and another in Las Américas, Bike Point has become a must if you want to rent a mountain bike in the south of the island. Of course, rentals are not only about mountain bikes, but in this range they have good bikes (BMC Teamelite 02SLX or Ridley Ignite A XT 2×11, for example), perfectly maintained and with a very competitive price.

BikeSpirit: If you are looking for mountain biking in Tenerife, it is very likely that most of your routes start or end in Puerto de la Cruz or its surroundings. It is not the only option in the vicinity, far from it, but this is one of the most popular. The rental of a solid Merida 29er includes accessories (helmet, repair kit and pump) and, as amateurs, they will be able to give you some tips for your outings.

“If you see me on the mountain you will recognize me because I will be a happy guy full of mud.” – The boy Gualas

Land, rock and freedom

MTB brings together physical challenge, wilderness environment and technical demand all in one. It is the combination of these elements that makes mountain biking so appealing to lovers of sport, nature and adventure.

As with other activities related to these areas, Tenerife has all the features and provisions that are needed for you to enjoy as you like. Exercise, adrenaline and open air come together and provide you with extreme and extremely rewarding experiences.

And, of course, the island’s impressive tourist offer makes it possible to combine very different activities in the same stay. If you want to combine your passion for mountain biking with an urban cultural route, a classic day at the beach or a relaxing yoga session, who’s stopping you?

Mountain biking in Tenerife is, in any case, one of the highlights of any visit to the island. Rent your bike and, on your own or in organized tours, ride through the trails and tracks of the island, free your senses and give free rein to your sportier and more extreme side. You will come back tired, maybe a little bruised, but happier than ever.

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  • Teide seen from the south of Tenerife island

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