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It is not necessary to climb to the summit of Teide to enjoy the natural landscapes of this emblematic National Park of Tenerife. But, since you have come this far, maybe you would like to… To do so, it is necessary to obtain one of the precious permits to climb Teide issued by the authority of the national park network. Want to know more details?

The permit is mandatory to climb to the summit.

Access to the park is free, although, as in all national parks, circulation outside the designated areas (i.e., trails) is prohibited. You do not need a special authorization to get to the cable car, use the parking lot at the base or to go up, although it is advisable to purchase your ticket in advance and coordinate it with your turn to access the summit.

The cable car takes you up to La Rambleta, at an altitude of 3,555 meters. Three different trails start at this point. The one that takes you to the summit is number 10, called “Telesforo Bravo”: less than 700 meters long and an estimated 40 minutes to climb to the 3,718 meters of the summit. And this is where permits for Teide are a must.

For security and conservation reasons, visitor access has been restricted to 200 people per day, between 09:00 and 17:00 in four two-hour shifts (i.e., you can go up at 9:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00). This is the link to the Reservation Center to make your reservation online.

The permit is free, but it is difficult to obtain at times of high traffic, so we recommend that you get it as soon as possible, ideally a couple of months in advance. In addition, it is essential that you carry your documentation (ID card or passport) with you, or the reservation will be worthless.

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