Mushroom picking in Tenerife

Prepare the basket, knife and jaw.

An unexpected paradise for mushroom hunters

Looking for mushrooms in Tenerife? Of course it is! Although at first it may not sound like the most logical activity on a subtropical island, the peculiar Canarian climate, which is responsible for the humidity of the northern parts of most of the islands, makes it possible to pick mushrooms in Tenerife. Are you ready to challenge the clichés?

The diversity of ecosystems and the low harvesting pressure make Tenerife a paradise for mushroom hunters.

Mushrooms are able to thrive in a large number of different environments, and that is precisely what Tenerife abounds in. Pine forests, chestnut groves, monteverde or fayal-brezal, between 600 and almost 2000 meters of altitude, are the lands where we find species such as the common boleto, the níscalo, the colmenilla, the apagador menor, the pistonuda or the rebozuelo, apart from truffles and nacidas.

Before you take to the mountains, remember that it is necessary to request permission from the Cabildo for this activity, if it is carried out in protected natural areas. The maximum allowed is three kilos per person per day, always in a basket and never at night. In any case, collecting pressure is relatively low on the island, and mushrooms thrive in quantity and quality (in 2015 a ticket weighing more than five kilos appeared!).

If you are reading this, you probably know how to pick mushrooms and we don’t have to explain anything about it. But you would like to know where and how to do it, wouldn’t you? Keep reading and you will find more information about mushroom picking in Tenerife. And enjoy…

Where (and when) to look for mushrooms in Tenerife

If you are a mushroom lover, you will know that the best places to pick mushrooms are among the best kept secrets.
the best places to pick them are among the best kept secrets by the mushroom pickers
by the mushroom pickers of each place. Having said that, nothing prevents us from giving you a general (and rather vague, of course) idea of where and when to direct your attention…

In the midlands of the island
halfway between the coast and the summit of the Teide, we find the places of the island where the mushrooms develop more and better. This is especially true on the northern side of the island, which is much wetter than the southern side of the island. However, each mushroom has a preferred ecosystem.

The municipality of El Rosario, and more specifically the locality of
La Esperanza is the epicenter
of Tenerife’s mushroom activity. The natural areas of La Corona Forestal and Las Lagunetas are preferred by enthusiasts to look for, observe, photograph and collect mushrooms in Tenerife. Anyway, you will also find good places around Tegueste, Chasna and Benijos, San José de los Llanos, Arico, Fasnia, Güímar, Araya, Arafo…

As for the best time… Most of the edible mushrooms found on the island bear fruit, as is usual,
at the end of summer, in autumn or in early winter.
. On the other hand, there are exceptions; early spring is the time of choice for morels, for example.

  • Mushroom on the Esperanza mountain, Tenerife

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  • Mushroom picking in Tenerife

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  • White mushroom in Anaga

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Associations and events in the world of mushrooms

If you like mushrooms, there will be two things that will be very clear to you: it is essential to consult an expert (better if it is local) about what you are picking, in case of doubt; and as rewarding as picking mushrooms is… eating them!

The Mycological Society of Tenerife is the reference organization on mushrooms on the island. As good connoisseurs, they will tell you everything you need to know about mushrooms, how to pick them correctly, the best time to pick them and other fundamental details; if you are just starting out, don’t hesitate to contact them.

The Mushroom Tapas Route is the perfect opportunity to pick mushrooms in Tenerife, learn more about them and, above all, taste numerous preparations. The event takes place every year in November in La Esperanza, and includes trips to the mountains, informative talks and lots of different tapas with mushrooms as protagonists, by local restaurateurs.

Amigos de las Setas – Tenerife is the most dynamic collective on the island today. Through social networks you can ask them any questions you have about mushroom picking in Tenerife, be aware of any news or event, participate in their activities or even find company to go out in the mountains.

“There are old mushroom pickers and daring mushroom pickers, but there are no old, daring mushroom pickers.” – Anonymous

Enjoy the world of mushrooms, always sensibly.

Mushroom picking is a great activity for those who love the mountain, who have fun walking up and down through forests and rocks, who enjoy admiring living beings as prodigious as mushrooms. But it is also an activity for people with brains. The golden law: “if you don’t know it, don’t pick it up”.

For your first experience it might be advisable to go mushrooming with someone who knows the terrain and is initiated in the vast world of mycology; you will enjoy twice as much and without any risk. Numerous outings and excursions are organized in Tenerife throughout the year, you just have to find out more.

But if you are a reasonably sensible person who knows how to manage in the bush and you only want to observe, and not eat, any mushroom that crosses your path, you will have a great time in the forests of Tenerife, and we assure you that you will be surprised by its mycological diversity.

Come with your family, with your friends or with your partner, or with other mushroom fanatics like you, to pick mushrooms in Tenerife. Combine it with a morning of relaxation in a spa, with an afternoon diving on the beach, or with a night contemplating the unrepeatable firmament of these islands. Where is that possible if not in Tenerife?

  • Edible mushrooms picking in Tenerife

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