Tenerife in Family

Enjoy an unforgettable vacation with your loved ones.

What can I expect from Tenerife en Familia?

If you are looking for a place to spend your vacations in the company of your family and friends, visit Tenerife with your family is a great option. For both adults and children, there are a multitude of activities for everyone to enjoy the island to the fullest.

The vast majority of the island’s hotels have options to accommodate children while the older ones relax. Monitored activities, children’s pools… so you can relax knowing that they are in good hands. Hotels usually have lists of these activities at the front desk or in pamphlets so that you can easily organize yourself and know all the options available.

Enjoy an unforgettable family vacation in Tenerife.

But while spending the day at the hotel is one option, the island has a wide variety of experiences suitable for everyone.

Many of the activities mentioned in this guide are suitable for pregnant women and children as they do not require any effort on their part.

In general, activities usually offer transportation to and from the hotel, so there is no need to drive if you are more or less close to the area where the experience takes place.

But… What are these activities?

Theme parks: scattered around the island we have different parks. Siam park in Costa Adeje is the most popular. This water park enjoys the privilege of having been the best water park in the world from 2013 to 2019: 6 consecutive years! Visiting it is undoubtedly an experience you can’t miss.

There are excellent water parks you can go to if you are far away from the Siam Park or you prefer to try other alternatives: Aqualand the Cesar Manrique Maritime Park at Santa Cruz or the Lago Martianez in the Puerto de la Cruz. The latter have large bathing areas, but no attractions.

Sighting of whale watching: very common in the south of the island, you will be able to find, without any difficulty, a multitude of excursions in different boats and schedules, as well as private tours if what you want is tranquility. Another curious option are the thematic ships such as Ragnarok, which add a unique touch to the excursion.

These tours usually have a stop where you can take a refreshing swim in remote coves along the way. Private excursions usually include diving goggles for you to explore the seabed. Keep in mind that this activity requires good weather to be carried out. If the weather or sea conditions are not suitable, you will be offered a change of date or your money back.

A word of advice, for whale watching you should make sure that you do not suffer from seasickness easily or think of a remedy for it. Otherwise, just let yourself go and enjoy.

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  • The Segway, a fun activity…. for adults too!

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But wait… There’s more from Tenerife en Familia!

Zoos: in this category we find the fabulous Monkey Park and Jungle Park . The star zoo of the island is the Loro Parque: It offers its customers a multitude of fantastic activities throughout the day with an impressive diversity of fauna and flora. In addition, there is a train that takes you to the park’s entrance, going through a large part of El Puerto de la Cruz (the town where the park is located).

Submarine: there is only one company that offers underwater excursions in Tenerife and it is Submarine Safaris. This yellow submarine (yes, that’s a reference) sits on a dock surrounded by golf courses in Las Chafiras. It will take you through the waters of the port and its surroundings to give you an underwater show with the help of divers who will feed manta rays and other sea creatures. You will be able to enjoy all this from the comfort of the submarine’s interior seats while gazing at the seabed from the numerous windows. A truly fantastic experience to enjoy Tenerife as a family.

Segway: You can book segway tours in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Puerto de La Cruz, San Blás… and more locations. Tenerife Segway Tours have guided tours to the most interesting places in the area where the excursion takes place. You will be provided with a reflective vest, helmet and a small guide on how to use these devices, which are perfect for navigating the island’s streets smoothly at an even pace so you can visit as many important locations as possible. Remember to ask about the possibility of hiring segways for the little ones, since each company will have its own age and minimum size to use them.

“Family means no one is left behind, no one is forgotten.”

Choose the Tenerife en Familia activities that you like the most!

We hope you have enjoyed this small introduction to the activities you can practice to have fun in Tenerife with your family. Do not hesitate to contact us or read the corresponding guides for each activity to learn more about each of them.

Remember that some of these activities may have a minimum age, as well as some of the attractions at Siam Park. These limitations do not exist in zoos or on whale watching tours or submarine excursions.

If you are not going to rent a vehicle, contact us to facilitate transportation from your hotel to the activity. Don’t worry, generally, the transfer is free and available without any problems as long as you are within a reasonable distance from the starting point of the experience.

The excursion companies remain in operation throughout the year, although in the summer months, they register a greater volume of activity due to the increase in tourists. Book in advance to secure your place!

Remember to bring your camera with you, although several of the companies offer a compilation of photos of the outing. Take hundreds of photos and take all the memories you want to take home, but in areas with animals, respect the established rules and do not use flash on your camera.

Do not hesitate to come and enjoy Tenerife with your family. You will live great adventures!

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