Los Cristianos

Choosing Los Cristianos as a vacation destination is always a good choice.

Activities in Los Cristianos

Why Los Cristianos?

Los Cristianos is a coastal town belonging to the municipality of Arona, in the south of Tenerife. It is one of the main tourist enclaves of Tenerife and has a wide range of accommodation, including luxury hotels. Los Cristianos is undoubtedly one of the best choices if you are considering where to spend your vacations in Tenerife.

Los Cristianos is one of the main tourist enclaves of Tenerife. Sea, sand, sun and a multitude of activities await you!

In addition to its touristic importance, it has a fishing essence. Historically the town of Los Cristianos has been linked to the fishing industry, and this seafaring atmosphere is still breathed in its streets. The port of Los Cristianos is also worth mentioning, from where numerous boats depart every day to connect with other islands.

Choosing Los Cristianos as a vacation destination is always a good choice. It is well connected to other tourist locations and is a good starting point for exploring the island. And thanks to the good condition of the roads in Tenerife, it is very easy to move anywhere by car. Another strong point is the proximity of Los Cristianos to the Reina Sofia Airport, where most of the international flights land.

Activities in Los Cristianos

What does Los Cristianos offer?

Los Cristianos is beach, is good gastronomy, is day and night leisure….
In short, it is perfect to spend some unforgettable days in our wonderful island.
You will always find a plan that suits your needs. However, we warn you that once you get to Los Cristianos, the hardest part will be getting back home. You won’t want to leave!

Most visitors who choose accommodation in Los Cristianos choose it because of its proximity to some of the best beaches on the island. Therefore, if anything, it offers spectacular beaches where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. Some examples are Playa de Los Cristianos or Playa de Las Vistas. Here you can even practice water sports such as Parascending, Jetski, Banana or Flyfish.

We cannot talk about Los Cristianos without mentioning its incredible hotels, of different categories. Or its exquisite restaurants, offering both traditional Canarian and international cuisine. And of course, the nightlife, with pubs and discos, great for those who also have energy at night.

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    Must-see in Los Cristianos

    What plans are a must in Los Cristianos? In addition to the beach, which is always a must, there are other plans that you can choose depending on whether you are traveling as a couple, with family or friends. If you are traveling with your family, the Siam Park, located just 4 kilometers from the center of Los Cristianos, is a safe bet. It has attractions for the whole family, and children and adults will have a great time.

    Considered the best water park in the world by TripAdvisor users, it is also ideal for fun with friends or as a couple. Siam Park’s most thrilling attractions, such as Tower of Power, are only for the bravest. You won’t regret your visit!

    Another great plan is to take a whale watching excursion. In total, up to 21 species are found in the waters of Tenerife, and the south is one of the best areas to observe them in the wild. Dolphins and whales will captivate the little ones, while you admire the beauty of the coast of Tenerife from the boat.

    Do you like shopping? Then you will like the Siam Mall, a shopping mall with Thai décor that includes the most popular international brands. Perfect for strolling and indulging yourself. Its restaurant area is also highly recommended for lunch or a drink. It is located right next to Siam Park and is easily accessible from Los Cristianos.

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    Weather in Los Cristianos

    Many people come to Los Cristianos every year to enjoy what is considered one of the best climates in the world. The climate in Los Cristianos is another of the island’s attractions, with spring-like temperatures all year round.

    The sun shines most days and the average annual temperature is 23 degrees. A mild and warm climate that invites you to spend the days in your bathing suit, whether it is winter or summer. Therefore, don’t forget your swimwear when packing your suitcase. The beach will welcome you no matter what month you come!

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    What to do in Los Cristianos for free?

    Undoubtedly, spending the days in one of its beaches is the most economical and recommendable plan in Los Cristianos. And it will not cost you anything, unless you decide to hire a sun lounger and umbrella service. Strolling along the coast along the sea is another free experience that you can enjoy, especially recommended during sunset.

    On the other hand, it is usual that throughout the year there are free outdoor activities. For example, during the month of August there is the Fish Fair, where the protagonists are gastronomy and fishing. Workshops, live music, art exhibitions and even seafood tasting take place in the center of Los Cristianos.

    Festivals and other free access events are frequently held in Los Cristianos as well as in other areas of Tenerife. You can keep up to date by consulting the agenda on the website of the Cabildo de Tenerife. As you can see, there are many plans to choose from. And yes, we know, you are already looking forward to coming to Los Cristianos, aren’t you? We are waiting for you!

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