Los Gigantes

The spectacular cliff views are coupled with its beaches and enviable climate.

Activities in Los Gigantes

Why The Giants?

Tranquility, enviable climate, beaches, and spectacular views. Aceí you caníWe would like to define Los Gigantes, a coastal town in the south of Tenerife, located about 10 kilometers from Tenerife.ómeters from the center of Santiago del TeideThe municipality to which it belongs.

If I get to see more


If I can see farther, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.

– Isaac Newton

Its name is due to the giant cliff that borders the coast, which in some points reaches 600 meters in altitude. It leaves no one indifferent! It is especially impressive when you admire its grandeur from the sea, on one of the boat trips that depart from its port. The Cliff of Los Gigantes has become, and deservedly so, one of the main symbols of Tenerife. Nowadays this area of the island enjoys good infrastructures and many visitors choose it as a place to stay. And without a doubt, it is a success.

Activities in Los Gigantes

What does Los Gigantes offer?

Los Gigantes, and the rest of the municipality of Santiago del Teide, offers different experiences that will remain forever in your memories. On the coast, the wonderful La Arena and Los Guíos BeachesThe beach has crystal clear waters and a wide range of restaurants in the surrounding area. And of course, with unparalleled views of the Los Gigantes Cliffs.

In the mountains, breathtaking volcanic landscapes such as Chinyero, a 24-kilometer nature reserve that also occupies the neighboring municipalities of El Tanque and Garachico. The Chinyero Volcano is located here, at 1560 meters above sea level.. A beautiful picture that reminds us of when in 1909 it erupted for 10 consecutive days.

In addition to beautiful scenery, Los Gigantes is all about comfort and absolute relaxation. On the one hand, its hotel offer is very varied, suitable for all budgets. On the other hand, it is a very quiet area, perfect to disconnect and spend a few days in an atmosphere of true tranquility. All this added to its good road connections, which will allow you to be in any point of the island in a short time.

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A must in Los Gigantes

The must-sees in Los Gigantes are especially linked to experiences. It is almost obligatory to take a whale watching excursion and to contemplate the height of Los Gigantes Cliffs up close. Specifically, you will be able to see up to 21 different species, including dolphins and whales. And best of all, you will observe them in their natural environment. In addition, these tours include explanations not only of the richness of its marine fauna, but also at a geological level. Depending on the duration of the excursion you hire, some of them will make a stop for you to take a swim. Or they will even offer you food and drink on board.

Talking about Tenerife always involves mentioning its beaches. As is obvious, spending a few hours sunbathing and enjoying the waters of the beaches of Los Gigantes is a must. But do not forget the mountain landscapes that you will find in the municipality of Santiago del Teide. If you like sports, hiking is one of the most rewarding experiences you can practice here. Connecting with nature and getting to know the island from another perspective will make your trip perfect.

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Climate in Los Gigantes

The climate in Los Gigantes and in the south of the island is characterized by its many hours of sunshine throughout the year.
numerous hours of sunshine throughout the year
. This, together with the mild and warm temperatures, means that the weather is always inviting for outdoor activities, whether you visit the island in August or January. Any time of the year is a good reason to take a plane and come to Tenerife.

The average annual temperature does not drop below 21 degrees Celsius and, although there may be a cloudy day, the sun usually reigns in Los Gigantes. Therefore, if there’s one thing you can’t miss in your suitcase, it’s a swimsuit and a towel. However, as you are likely to visit high altitude areas such as the Teide National Park, we recommend that you also include warm clothes. And of course, don’t forget to always protect yourself from the sun with a high protection sunscreen.

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What to do in Los Gigantes for free?

Nature! For us there is no activity more pleasurable and that allows you to connect better with our island than enjoying its nature. From the beach to the mountains. It will not involve any economic investment and we are sure that it will be one of the best moments of your trip. For example, if you visit Los Gigantes between January and March, it is highly recommended to take the Almond Blossom Route. Pink hues surround the trail and it is quite a sight to behold.

Throughout the year, there are also local festivities, events and free activities that may be of interest to you. You can check them in the official calendar of the City Council of Santiago del Teide. And not only in this municipality, but in nearby towns it is also common to find a wide range of leisure activities, in many cases with free admission.

Now that you know more about what Los Gigantes has to offer, you are probably looking forward to visiting this area of the island. We anticipate that you will not be disappointed. Just worry about enjoying yourself!

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