Transportation in Tenerife

When you want, where you want and how you want

Move your way

When we are on vacation, being able to move and go from one place to another with ease is essential to enjoy our stay to the fullest. From the hotel to the beach, shopping to the nearest city or dining at a remote and attractive place, it doesn’t matter. Fortunately, we can trust the most efficient transport network in Tenerife.

Get to know Tenerife using its most popular transportation methods.
And it is not easy. Keep in mind that we are talking about an island, and an island with a very complex and rugged terrain. Not only for hosting the enormous mass of Mount Teide, but also; in other areas, such as Teno or Anaga, communications have always been very difficult. Moving around Tenerife always had its share of adventure …

That has changed in recent decades. On the one hand, improvements in communications and infrastructure have made the most isolated areas of the island within easy reach today. On the other, passenger transport systems and networks have been optimized in a way that no one would have dreamed of thirty years ago.

When we talk about transport in Tenerife, either by land or by sea, there are mainly two options: public transport or rental means of transport. In the following lines we will tell you more about them.

Public transport options

Guaguas: The first and most obvious option are public line buses, known throughout the archipelago as “guaguas”. The TITSA company is in charge of offering this service, both in urban areas and between different locations, with its recognizable green buses. You can pay for each trip when you get on the bus or buy a voucher-bus if you plan to use it often.

Taxi: Taxis are the other great alternative to public transport in Tenerife. There are about 2,500 operating on the island in different companies, but they are always white, conveniently identified and equipped with a meter. Some (so-called “eurotaxis”) are accessible to people with reduced mobility. They are a good option for a private excursion, closing the price in advance.

Tram: The Tenerife Metropolitan Company (MTSA) currently has two lines (Santa Cruz-La Laguna and La Cuesta-Tíncer). The tram is a new and different means of transport in Tenerife, respectful with the environment and accessible (even with places for bicycles and baby carriages). The ticket is purchased at the station and is validated inside the car.

Ferries: On an island, sea transportation is a great alternative. Santa Cruz, Los Cristianos and Puerto de Santiago are the main bases, but not the only ones. Fred Olsen, Armas and Transmediterránea connect Tenerife with all the other islands of the Canary archipelago, and it is also possible (although not a very agile means) to travel from one point to another on the island.

Vehicle rental options

Rental cars: There are a large number of transport companies in Tenerife aimed at providing this service, at least a dozen, as is usually the case on any island with a large influx of visitors. You will find car rental offices in the main cities, in the airports and in the most important tourist areas. If you want to move your own way, it is the best option, and you will find good prices.

Private Chauffeured Vehicle: Touring vehicles with drivers (commonly known by the acronym VTC) are rapidly gaining popularity for their versatility, personalized service, and competitive prices. There are six companies and 82 licensed vehicles in Tenerife. Whether for a transfer to or from the airport, any special transfer or any excursion, don’t forget about them.

Bicycle: The bicycle is a great means of transport, especially in urban or for short distances, which allows us a greater contact with the environment. But you don’t have to bring it from home! Of course, on the island there is a wide offer in this regard, whether you are looking for a rather sporty option or simply looking for a small and inexpensive vehicle to move around the area in which you are staying.

Others: There are still other transport options in Tenerife, less common or designed for more specific needs, but not less interesting. How about renting a motorcycle of any displacement and style, or a scooter? And a quad? On the other hand, people with mobility problems will find electric chairs for rent in Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz or Los Cristianos.

“The customer can choose the car of the color they want, as long as it is black.” – Henry Ford

From here to there

As you can see, the possibilities to move are many in Tenerife. Actually, it does not matter which means you choose on your trips; the important thing is that you use them, that you take advantage of your stay to get to know the island in depth. The car, the bike, the bus or the ferry are all different ways of getting where you want.

The great availability of means of transport, together with the good communication network that the island enjoys makes things very easy for us. If we add to that the beauty and diversity of landscapes that you will cross in any movement, both inland and along the coast, we see that transport in Tenerife is one more part of the vacation stay.

Don’t stay at your resort or your closest beach; Take advantage of all these facilities and explore the island from cover to cover, do not leave a corner to snoop. If you opt for public transport, you will be much closer to an experience of immersion in the local culture; if you choose rental transport you will be giving priority to comfort. Both ways are good!