Teide Volcano in Tenerife

The jewel in the island’s crown

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The roof of Tenerife, of the Canary Islands, of Spain…

The Teide Volcano is the highest mountain in Spain and it is also a volcano. But it is much more than that! It is
a geographic, natural, scenic, historical and cultural reference
of the first order and of world-wide rank.

An integral part of the identity of Tenerife (and the Canary Islands) since the time of the Guanches, the volcano of Teide is the epicenter of the island in many ways. When it was declaimed
Natural Heritage of Humanity
pby Unesco in 2007, it already had already more than half a century of protection as a National Park due to the richness and peculiarity of its geomorphology and ecosystems.

The volcanism of Teide has been complex, and the result, unique.

Volcanoes are always special places, and the Teide does not escape the norm, but rather shows it off. On his identity card he is listed as a vesuvian type stratovolcanoinactive (since 1798) apart from occasional fumaroles. Its insular character has generated very peculiar ecosystems above the tree line: the summit broom and the peak ecosystem.

In addition,
It also has a rich history, from the
from the Guanche legend that baptizes it as the prison of the wicked Guayota (attested by numerous archaeological sites), to scientific to the scientific evidence that it is similar to Mars, and to numerous traditional usesand numerous traditional uses: shepherding, agriculture, snowfields, pumice stone extraction… The Teide volcano is the heart of

A place that is many

The Teide and the Park that protects it battle all kinds of records
It is the highest peak in Spain and the Atlantic; the point with the most hours of sunshine and the lowest average temperature in Spain; the third submerged volcano in the world; the most visited national park in Europe and the second most visited volcanic tourist destination on the planet; shall we continue…?

When we talk about the Teide volcano, in reality we usually refer to a very large and diverse area.
a very wide and diverse space
, that in reality encompasses very diverse places: the Pico Viejo, the Llano Ucanca, the Siete Cañadas, the Roques de García, La Fortaleza, the Alto de Guajara, the Narices del Teide, the Boca de Tauce… Its rugged geological life has generated phenomena and manifestations very different from each other.

They are almost 20,000 hectares always above 1,650 meters of altitude, around a large double caldera
a large double caldera
of about 17 kilometers in diameter with Los Roques as a reference division. The colorful vegetation surprises strangers. Its great faunal richness are the invertebrates, with more than 1400 species present, many of them endemic.

Among many other services (such as the popular cable car, several access points, numerous lookout points, three visitor centers and a mountain refuge), the park offers
two very interesting spaces


The Garden
Juan Acosta Native Flora Museum and the Juan Évora Ethnographic Museum, where we can delve into the botany and cultural heritage of the territory.

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One place, one hundred reasons to come

A visit to the Teide National Park is justified on its own, but
the reasons to come are many and varied
. You may be a great fan of hiking and nature sports, want to encounter unique landscapes and species, or be on the hunt for the best astrophotography snapshots.

In the National Park it is possible to make numerous
different routes and itineraries
by motor vehicle, bicycle or on foot. Although it can be traversed by car, its 41 trails and walking trails are the best way to approach the park. There are also places suitable for sport climbing.

Teide volcano offers its charms to those who walk calmly through itgeological formations really impressive (washes and a very characteristic flora (the endemic broom, the endemic broom, the tajinastesthe pajonera…) and a unique fauna, especially in terms of arthropods (apart from some lizards and bats).

And at night… At night, Teide reveals its true grandeur. Although the Canary Islands are one of the most reputable places in the world for astronomical observation, Teide is one of the most privileged. Stargazing and stargazing enthusiasts enjoy it to the fullest
the clearest, closest skies imaginable

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“[…] because of the snow that usually covers the highest peak of the sacred Mount Teide, exalted Atlantean, […] the name worthy of Tenerife was given to it at that time”.

Impossible to see everything

From the top of the mount Teide Tenerife seems to unfold at his feet like a carpet of different colors and texturespartially covered by clouds and mists, which plunges into the bright, deep sea that surrounds it. It is understood at that moment the greatness of the spectacle that overwhelms those who contemplate it…

This and many other experiences await the visitor who ventures into the paths of the Teide volcano. Teide volcano. The immense palette of colors, the clean mountain scent, the faint noises… here,
the senses are filled with unprecedented experiences
of those that are always remembered remembered, but it is not easy to live again.

Among the
abundant and powerful attractions
of Tenerifethe Teide volcano is rightly considered the king. To go from the soft warmth of the beaches to the extreme aridity of the summit, from the green landscapes of the coast to the epic compositions of the volcanic rocks is priceless.

Now you know, when you come to Tenerife reserve a part of your time to go into the Teide National Park, to come face to face with a true world-class natural monument.
a true world-class natural monument
. You won’t regret it. And you will surely come back to the island, and you will come back to Teide, whenever you can…

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