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Sea and wind, board and sail

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Wind and waves will take you to wind surfing heaven in Tenerife

You probably know that Tenerife’s enviable climate depends basically on two variables: the ocean currents and the trade winds, which arrive from the northeast, cooling the entire archipelago as they pass through. Wind and sea… Doesn’t it tell you something? Well, you can’t miss windsurfing in Tenerife.

The PWA World Championship has been passing through Tenerife every year for the last decade.

We are really in front of a privileged space for the practice of this spectacular sport. Not surprisingly, the guys from the PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association) have been visiting the island for almost a decade to hold one of the World Windsurfing Championship meetings.

If you are wondering about where to windsurf in Tenerife, you should know that all of the following are available suitable sites are clustered in the south of the islandThe currents and winds are lighter than in the north, but still powerful enough to keep the practitioners of this sport satisfied throughout the year (although in summer there is a little more wind).

Thus, windsurfing in Tenerife has become a water sport board inseparable from the essence of the island, and represents the island very well: fun and sunny, but with a wild side with which you have to learn to live. In any case, you don’t have to be a professional windsurfer to windsurf on the island… Here are a few places to windsurf in Tenerife, as well as some schools and centers to rent equipment.

El Medano, windsurfing capital of the world

El Médano beach (in Granadilla de Abona) is the mecca of windsurfing in Tenerife.
(in Granadilla de Abona) is the mecca of windsurfing in Tenerife; “windsurf”, “Tenerife”, “El Médano”, are almost equivalent terms in this world. Constant and almost omnipresent winds for your delight.

Sogni Canarias:
If you’re looking for windsurfing lessons, Tenerife has a wide range on offer, as you might expect. These are the kings in El Médano. Whether you are an advanced student or have never been on a board before, they provide you with all the materials, numerous facilities and, of course, very experienced instructors. A great option to get started in this exciting world.

Wet Watersports:
El Cabezo is a small beach very close to Medano only suitable for people with some experience. There you will find this place, where you can take lessons, rent equipment and try it out, or store (and even repair) the equipment you bring with you. The instructors have international certifications. And, if you get tired, you can spend your time surfing, kitesurfing, SUP, etc…

Tenerife WindSurf Solution:
They pride themselves on being a world leading testing center, and certainly the offering is impressive. You can come and try out boards, sails, booms, masts from many leading brands and, of course, numerous accessories and equipment before you buy. Do you feel like freestyle or slalom? Here, everything is possible. And they are literally right on the beach.

  • Fun & Exciting

  • Hobby

  • Single

  • El Medano

  • Difficulty level: Moderate

  • 1-2 hours

  • Moderate (€)

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More on El Médano… and beyond

While El Médano is the epicenter of windsurfing in Tenerife, there are also resources in the more touristic areas of the south. Whether you are looking for a store, equipment rental center or windsurfing school, Tenerife offers it.

Surf Center Playa Sur: The deans of windsurfing in Tenerife, a center founded by one of the pioneers of surfing in the islands and operating at full capacity since 1980; a respect. If you want lessons, rent or store your equipment in El Médano or La Tejita, this site is a great reference. In addition, the space is beautiful, and the human team is its greatest treasure.

Ocean Calling: Another absolute reference in El Médano, very close to the previous one. You can rent with them everything you need to practice windsurfing, whether you are an expert or if you are taking your first steps. In the same way, you can sign up for one of its courses, highly personalized and designed so that each student can improve in what he/she needs.

Sports Club Tenerife: Tenerife does not only live in Medano when it comes to windsurfing. The folks at the Sports Club have a wide range of classes and courses for all types of water sports, and the three-day windsurfing courses are especially fun and effective. If you want to take your first steps with the board and sailing without leaving Las Americas, come and meet them.

“It’s almost a form of flying.” – Jeff Hakman

All the excitement of Windsurfing in Tenerife at your fingertips

Although Tenerife is much more than its beaches, this is one of those cases in which the island’s natural resources show their full potential to allow you to enjoy your stay to the fullest. The elements combine to make windsurfing in Tenerife, of course, an experience.

Of course, there is much moreYou can easily combine windsurfing with other water sports, other outdoor sports or adventure activities, or with other more relaxing experiences: a walk through the historic center of La Laguna, a visit to a wine cellar or simply lying on the beach to sunbathe and relax.

That way, whether you’re a windsurfing devotee or not, you can easily fit it into your vacation schedule. There is time for everything in Tenerife, there are many facilities to develop different activities and the more you try, the more you will want to continue expanding your horizons.

So find out about the spots closest to your accommodation or the ones that catch your attention (after all, the island is not that big) and look for the nearest facilities where you can get the equipment or the training you need. If you enter the world of windsurfing, you will never see the island in the same way again…