Wine Tasting in Tenerife

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He came as a witness of the land

Gastronomic tourism is currently one of the preferred ways for travelers from all over the world to get closer to the reality of the land they are visiting. Wine is one of the most attractive manifestations of the way of being of the people who grow, work and drink it. That’s why wine tastings in Tenerife will open a door to the heart of the people of Tenerife.

You will get to know Tenerife through its wines.

Tenerife has no less than five different designations of origin: Valle de La Orotava, Tacoronte-Acentejo, Valle de Güímar, Ycoden-Daute-Isora and Abona. Although each area has its own personality and specific peculiarities, they all have many points in common. Nevertheless, Tenerife’s wine routes take us through harmonious and diverse landscapes.

Soil and climate are key players in any winegrowing operation. In the case of Tenerife, the volcanic soils, the regular rainfall regime, the balanced temperatures and the predominance of the trade winds are largely responsible for the personality of its wines. Altitude is another fundamental variable in Tenerife wines.

In addition, the varieties of berries present in the Canary Islands in general and in Tenerife in particular are a very important factor in understanding the peculiarities of the wines of this land. Unique varieties have survived here (the not inconsiderable figure of 21 for the whole archipelago), which were not affected by the phylloxera epidemic that invaded Europe in the 19th century; a heritage worthy of attention for wine lovers and that will not leave wine lovers indifferent during their wine tastings in Tenerife.

The best way to get to know wine is to try it…do you fancy a wine tasting in Tenerife?

Through wine tasting Tenerife shows one of its most authentic and revealing facets of the island’s culture and, at the same time, one of the tastiest! Want to know some options?

Monje Winery: Located in El Sauzal, the wine region par excellence in the north of the island, this prestigious family winery (whose origins date back to 1750) offers a wide range of tastings and high-level tastings that are undoubtedly among the most outstanding on the island.

The Taste for Wine: They boast of being “the largest wine bar in the Canary Islands”, and they are probably right. From their base in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and with thirty years of experience behind them, they know the world of wine very well. They conduct tastings with different winemakers and go through all the stages of wine production.

Frontos: The wine from the south of Tenerife is the great forgotten of the island, in a totally unfair way. At the Frontos winery they can show you that the great peculiarities of their crops in terms of soils and altitude (here are the highest vineyards in Europe), together with a careful and ecologically respectful work, can give rise to very special wines of the highest quality.

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    Wine Tasting in Tenerife
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Wine Tastings in Tenerife: Diverse experiences around the world of oenology

But there is still more to wine tasting in Tenerife. You can also find more complete experiences that revolve around the cultivation of the vine and wine production on our island, but from a broader perspective.

La Casa del Vino: Also in El Sauzal, the La Baranda estate is a farm with a long history that belongs to the Cabildo Insular. It offers one of the best wine tastings in Tenerife that you can choose from. In addition, the Casa del Vino introduces visitors to other products, the traditional rural way of life of the Medianías and much more.

Tenerife Wine Experience: History and wine are deeply intertwined. Olga knows this, and leads us down a path where the past and the grapes need each other to make sense of it all. A very complete and interesting excursion among the vineyards of Tenerife.

“Wine resurrects the pilgrim.” – Popular

Don’t miss the experience of wine tasting in Tenerife

Red, white, sweet, sparkling… Different types of cultivation, winemaking styles, preservation methods… The universe of wine multiplies in Tenerife. Diverse and particular at the same time, it is an open window to a reality that has often been blurred by other more obvious island charms.

Tenerife is sun and beach, it is natural heritage, it is volcano and puddle, but it is also culture. Wine is one of the most accurate and certainly one of the most pleasant ways to enter into that culture; not the high culture of books and philosophers, but the culture of a people, of a job and a territory.

So reserve a little time in your next stay on the island to walk through the landscapes adorned by the vineyards and stop at a winery or a “guachinche” to to deal on equal footing with the wines from Tenerife and the people who bring them to life with all their effort, care and dedication. It will be a revelation.

Hopefully you’ve got the urge to try some wine tastings in Tenerife and get to know the places where the magic happens, because it’s really worth to get to know them. Now you know, don’t leave your wine cooler at home and get ready to taste, to learn… and, above all, to enjoy. Cheers!

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  • Winery Visit in Tenerife

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