Astronomy in Tenerife

All the stars of the Universe are with you

The blessing of the Tenerife sky

If you are in Tenerife, it is night, you look up and notice something strange… It is a sky full of stars, a sky that you are not used to seeing, wherever you come from. The infinite skies of Tenerife explain the deep-rootedness of astronomy in Tenerife, both at the amateur level and among professional astronomers.

The night sky visibility in Tenerife is considered one of the best on the planet.

Why is Tenerife and the entire Canary archipelago a privileged place for astronomical observation? The skies over the Canary Islands have three key factors in their favor. First, the trade winds and their thermal inversion; second, the high altitudes above the clouds; and finally, the low light pollution in the region.

All this together makes nighttime visibility here truly excellent, recognized as one of the best on the planet. Not in vain the archipelago has three Starlight reserves, one of them on the summits of the Teide National Park. If you are interested in astronomy, are a fan of astrophotography or just want to see a lot of stars, you can’t miss this experience.

In the following paragraphs we will tell you some more useful information about astronomy in Tenerife. We are going to tell you three perfect places for stargazing (conditions permitting, of course), and we are also going to recommend three of the many stargazing excursions on the island of Tenerife.

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Places for astronomy observation in Tenerife

If the question is where to see the stars in Tenerife, anywhere on the island you will enjoy beautiful skies, but if you really want to see a sky full of stars… but if you really want to see a sky full of stars…

Izaña. The location where you will find the telescopes of the Teide Observatory has to be one of the best places to see the stars in Tenerife by force. At an altitude of 2,400 meters, the observatory has eight night telescopes, three solar telescopes, a visitor center and other scientific facilities. If you are an astronomy devotee you have to make a pilgrimage here.

Route of viewpoints of the Teide National Park. Why stay in one place to enjoy astronomy in Tenerife if you can do it in several? If you are one of those who think like this and are looking for a more complete experience, the park offers you a seven-point route through various viewpoints, from Portillo to Chío: Minas de San José, Roques de Garcia, Llano de Ucanca… The sky and Teide go hand in hand, and you can experience it.

Parador de turismo. You don’t have to get lost in the middle of the night in the park to enjoy the stars. The surroundings of the Parador are perfect for enjoying the sky without sacrificing comfort or combining it with more mundane experiences. This is especially true when there is a spectacular phenomenon; for example, it is a great place to see the star shower in Tenerife.

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Astronomy Observation Excursions in Tenerife

This small selection does not exhaust the many excursions to see astronomy in Tenerife that you can choose throughout your stay on the island.

Discover Experience. We have to refer again to the people of Discover, as always when talking about tourism and astronomy in Tenerife. This company from Los Realejos are true specialists in guided stargazing tours, very flexible when it comes to organizing your excursion and experienced in astrophotography, in case this is one of your weaknesses. With them you will discover the Tenerife sky.

Stargazing. Astrotourism would not be the same in Tenerife without this Astroamigos activity, which focuses on the use of a large aperture telescope (a Meade LX200 GPS) to locate specific bodies and obtain information about them. The groups are always small (maximum eight people), because, as they themselves say, “this is not a show for the masses”.

Volcano Teide Experience. The cable car operator is much more than that. They also offer select experiences in the park, including a couple of very special excursions for astro-tourism lovers. Sunset & Stars includes a beautiful sunset observation and dinner, while the Astronomic Tour takes you to the Observatory and allows you to use a real telescope…

“Astronomy is a lot more fun when you’re not an astronomer.” – Brian May

Your fingers touch the last frontier…

Stargazing is one of those essential one of those essential and eternal experiences that the human being has always experienced, and that has never ceased to amaze him. Today, when most of us live in cities, and light pollution is the norm, it has become something special and almost a privilege.

Fortunately for all of us, we have at hand a place like the Teide National Park, from which we can reconnect with the universe in all its splendor. Never better said; when we are not used to seeing the night sky as it really is, the first sensation is overwhelming. Then comes the wonder of discovery and the reflection, almost inevitable, about the big questions…

That small lesson of humility, that feeling of being a small part of the Universe, is surely the best thing that observing the skies, astrophotography and astronomy in Tenerife in general can give us. In any case, spending some time in the middle of nowhere looking at the sky well sheltered and in the company of your partner, family or friends, is always a rewarding experience.

If this experience is lived on our island it is even more fulfilling. You can spend a typical day at the beach, enjoy astronomy in Tenerife at night and the next day you can be visiting tropical gardens again at sea level or enjoying a zoo to the fullest. Tenerife is an island that has everything, for everyone, at all times.

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