Brunch in Tenerife

Breakfast turned into a gastronomic experience

The pleasure of brunch in Tenerife

You are already in Tenerife and a new day is dawning. You feel like a good breakfast, one of those that turn into a meal, somewhere special. The question is: where to have breakfast in Tenerife? But not just any breakfast; we are talking about a brunch in Tenerife, one of those whose memory lasts much longer than the digestion.

The brunch brings together the best of the English breakfast and the southern rhythm and schedule.

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, what could brunch not be, a true two-in-one? We already know that it is the mixture of the English terms breakfast and lunch, so… is it a “lunch break”? A late pantagruelic breakfast? Whatever it is, it is usually served in buffet mode between 10 am and 4 pm.

The strong international presence (also British) in Tenerife has made the custom of brunch has become popular quite early if we compare it with other parts of Spain, and meets the canonical characteristics: English breakfast dishes, essential something with egg, plenty of bread and sweets, not to be missed. All this at your fingertips for hours; a mix between the slow food movement and a Roman banquet.

The rise of brunch around the world has made it relatively easy to find places where this type of tasting is offered. However, sometimes it is little more than a hearty breakfast… To make it easy for you, we present a selection of restaurants and cafes scattered throughout Tenerife with a real brunch menu.

Brunch in the north of Tenerife

Among the many options to enjoy a good brunch in Tenerife, we bring you this selection. It will be good for you if you are in the northern part of the island

Makika & Co:
In the world of brunch, La Laguna stands out as one of the places with more and better options. And in La Laguna this is one of the star places to go to enjoy a good morning. They are the proof that a brunch does not have to be heavy: healthy preparations and great pastries made by themselves, served in a beautiful space and a first class garden.

Las Terrazas del Sauzal:
This site’s reputation precedes it. Its carefully selected cuisine is perfectly reflected in a brunch menu with six options, and the space where they are served is truly exceptional, spacious gardens with stunning views of the west. Not for nothing are they considered a culinary reference on the island. They are, logically, in El Sauzal.

El Monasterio:
In Tenerife, this term is unfailingly reminiscent of the prestigious inn of Los Realejos, an architectural and gastronomic emblem of the island. It was one of the pioneers of this type of service, with The Monastery Brunch; today it offers five different options, with the glass of champagne always as an emblem. The farm, the banana plantation, the gardens and the gourmet store complete the scenery.

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  • Brunch in Tenerife South

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  • Brunch in Tenerife South

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Brunch in the south of Tenerife

We tell you where to find spectacular breakfasts in the south of the island to enjoy various preparations in magnificent surroundings.

Manfred’s Soul Café: A safe bet in an incomparable setting in El Médano. Before you go to the beach with your board and sail in hand, you have to get to know their good breakfasts and how well they prepare the typical coffee of Tenerife, the famous barraquito (no, we are not going to tell you what it is, you will have to discover it yourself). Well, it’s possible that after this you don’t feel like doing sports…

Eco Eco Brunch & Café: Vegetarians and vegans have in this temple of brunch in Tenerife one of their best options. Healthy preparations with organic products that will impress you, both for their quality and variety: buda bowl, avocado tart, eggs benedict, fruit platters, cocoa and date cake… The terrace is great. You will find them in Los Cristianos.

Royal Garden Villas: When it comes to the increasingly popular combination of brunch and spa, Tenerife has several establishments that offer this option. We highlight the “sprunch”, as some people also call it, at the Royal Garden in Costa Adeje. The “floating brunch” and the wellness facilities of this five-star hotel are the perfect pairing. If you want to treat yourself to a little luxury, don’t hesitate.

“Brunch is an extended breakfast that should be enjoyed whenever there is time to cook and eat it.” – Yotam Ottolenghi

Take your brunch in Tenerife with all the time in the world

Few things are more pleasant than a leisurely Sunday brunch in Tenerife, as a couple, with family or friends, taking all the time in the world to eat, chat and eat again. A little indulgence never hurt anyone, and after all… We’re on vacation, aren’t we?

A self-respecting brunch in Tenerife will not fail to incorporate some specialties of the archipelago to its offer. Cheeses, mojos and some pastries could not find a more appropriate way to be tasted than a well-stocked table and long hours to enjoy the local flavors. You will find that they are ideal for a relaxed brunch snack.

Gastronomic tourism is a great way to get closer to the place we are visiting and to get closer to the local culture. Take the opportunity to have breakfast in Tenerife, making it a cultural experience. Enjoy discovering new preparations, beautiful enclaves, real hidden secrets of Tenerife’s hotel and catering offer…

As you have seen, the options for a good brunch in Tenerife north or south are many and very diverse. You will find, both in the north and in the south, classic brunches, vegan, luxurious, simple, light… By the beach, in an urban environment and even in the middle of a spa. You just have to choose; but to choose whether a brunch or a day pass is better, first you have to try

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