Paintball in Tenerife

Plan your tactics, aim, shoot!

Like war, but without hurting each other

As a first-class holiday destination, Tenerife offers its visitors a wide range of leisure activities. And it doesn’t just rely on its great natural heritage; you’ll also find plenty of other outdoorsporting activities perfect for friends or families looking for a little action. How would you like to play a game of paintball in Tenerife?

A team strategy game of combat simulation, but without real damage.

Paintball is a team strategy game in which combat is simulated using markers (a type of compressed air gun) that shoot biodegradable paintballs. Contrary to what many people think, it is a strictly regulated game with careful safety measures to avoid any real harm.

There are different modalities and variants, from capturing the enemy flag to the so-called speedball, which make the game extremely variable and fun. Any occasion is a good time to play; among the most popular paintball practices, Tenerife, birthdays, children’s parties, company meetings and bachelor parties are the most common…

If you have never played, you will see that paintball requires teamwork, tactics and communication first and foremost; shooting is the least of it. And if you are already a veteran with the marker, you will enjoy to the maximum with the scenarios and environments that you will find to practice paintball in Tenerife. We present you some of them traveling the island from north to south.

Play paintball in Tenerife north

rugged and forested terrain
of the north of the island makes the experience here extremely rewarding. In terms of paintball, Tenerife North is a sanctuary.

Tenerife Paintball:
What is really special about this paintball is the space where it takes place: the Finca Don Leandro. An old rural property of 350,000 square meters in the protected areas of Las Lagunetas and Corona Forestal that maintains an ancestral character that makes the gaming experience here truly unique. Every detail, from the staff to the equipment, is carefully chosen.

Ramal Paintball:
When you search for “paintball Tenerife”, El Ramal (next to La Orotava) always appears as one of the first options. Apart from having great facilities, they pride themselves on being specialists in paintball in Tenerife for children, in a softer modality (lower caliber and power, modified rules) for warriors between 8 and 14 years old. Ideal to try with the family.

Orotava Paintball:
Without leaving La Orotava we find this other space, where games can be alternated with other games; do you know softball? The playing field is designed for quick games with much more tactics than physics, and if you want to complete the day with a barbecue… Perfect! Veterans and novices alike will enjoy the experience if you choose to come here.

  • Fun & Exciting

  • In group

  • Friends

  • Various Locations

  • Difficulty level: Easy

  • More than 3 hours

  • Moderate (€)

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  • Paintball Equipment in Tenerife

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  • Paintball gun and mask in Güímar, Tenerife

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Play Paintball in Tenerife south

The range of leisure activities in the south tends to be endless, and it could not be different in the case of paintball: Tenerife south has what you are looking for.

Versus Point: Güímar is something like the island capital of paintball in Tenerife. Among the specialized spaces in the area, this one is worth mentioning for its enormous surface area (10,000 square meters), the variety of its playing fields and the great preparation of its instructors, who know how to highlight the most collaborative and challenging facets of the game. You will see that it’s not all about pulling the trigger.

District 9: To talk about paintball in Tenerife is to talk about them. Few playing fields you will see as well set up as this one, with a more than respectable surface and surrounded by green spaces. The equipment is frequently renewed, and offers a large number of complementary activities: bubble soccer, playground, barbecue area… It has everything to spend a stress-free day.

World Airsort Tactical Center: This is not paintball, but we had to mention it, because, if you don’t know it, airsoft is likely to exceed all your expectations. In airsoft we forget about markers and paint and use replicas of real weapons equipped with compressed air. This play center in Las Chafiras recreates an urban space to perfection. Adrenaline will run through your veins free as the wind.

“Life begins in 10 seconds.” – Rocky Knuth

Get rid of stress, recharge your batteries, sleep like a baby.

Although originally stigmatized as a violent game, paintball has now become a prime tool for eliminating tension, developing action plans and learning to work as a team; ideal for the famous corporate team building but also to have a lot of fun with family or friends.

Another cliché disproved: paintball promotes competitiveness. No more so than parcheesi… In fact, paintball involves collaboration and strategic thinking in an adrenaline-filled context. It is a good way to learn to control ourselves in stressful situations and to trust others. And all that while doing a lot of physical exercise.

It’s no wonder that players leave the games with a beaming smile on their face and a desire to start over again, again and again, until they drop. Nor that night everyone sleeps soundly, as if they were coming out of therapy. If you’re a parent, you’ll have gotten the message, for sure.

So don’t think about it too much, and come to one of the paintball facilities in Tenerife when you come on vacation. Put on your coveralls, gloves and mask, wield your marker, plan your tactics… And don’t leave a square centimeter of the opposing team members’ bodies unpainted.

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  • Woman shooting in a paintball field in Güíimar, Tenerife

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  • Group of girls playing paintball in Tenerife

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