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The abundant and diverse nature in Tenerife is a delight for adventurers of all ages. This is due to the wonderful year-round microclimate system that characterizes the Canary Islands. You can be sure that it doesn’t matter when you decide to go on an adventure. In general, it will not be difficult to find a place on the island where you can enjoy the good weather.

If you really love nature, you will find beauty everywhere(Vincent Van Gogh).

The island of Tenerife invites you to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

Isn’t it amazing to be able to be on the highest peak of Spain in the morning and in the afternoon on a paradisiacal beach relaxing in the sun on the same day?

For the more experienced, there are many incredible hikes on the island. For example, the Siete Cañadas trail: A 16.6 Km trail that starts at
El Parador del Teide
and ends at the Visitor Center, with an average duration of 4:30 hours. This road was used until before the Spanish conquest to cross the island from north to south. You will be able to delight yourself with the unique flora of the place (tajinastes and Teide violets ) as well as with the beautiful rock formations of the ravines.

Get ready to feel like a real explorer!

Nature Activities in Tenerife

Nature in Tenerife for the whole family

A more suitable possibility for the whole family is a visit to the different beaches of the island. In the north you will find more rocky locations. To reach some of them you will need to take a short hike or travel by boat. Don’t worry, most of these enclaves have a calm sea to enjoy without fear with the little ones. Sheltered from the sea currents and the wind that often frequent the south of the island, places such as Benijo Beach, the natural swimming pool of El Pris and El Bollullo sare places not to be missed.

In most of the beaches you can both dive and fish and in a good part of them you can surf. Thus, all family members will have the opportunity to do their favorite activity.

A landscape not to be missed is the mountain of Laurisilva, in the towns of
Agua Garcia
: a natural relic from more than 20 million years ago that has remained virtually unchanged. The Anaga Rural Park has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Visit this wonder of nature, but before you do, stop by by
The Anaga Visitor Center
A space with information and guides where the whole family can marvel at this natural time capsule and imagine what the earth was like before humans walked on it.

Tenerife is pure nature. An ideal place to relax, oxygenate and practice outdoor sports. In your vacations on the island you can not miss a few days dedicated to discovering the fascinating flora and fauna of the Canary Islands.

Nature Activities in Tenerife
  • Masca Valley – Nature in Tenerife

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  • Pico del Teide – Tenerife Nature

    Qué ver en Garachico
  • Seashore in Tenerife south

    Naturaleza en Tenerife
Nature Activities in Tenerife

Nature in Tenerife; South zone

In the south of the island you can go on interesting hikes such as El Barranco del Infierno ( Adeje) (don’t be intimidated by the name, it is a beautiful route), visit the Lunar Landscape in Vilaflor

However, boat excursions take the cake in this area. They show us that part of nature in Tenerife that cannot be easily appreciated from the coast.

We will see everything from cetaceans to imposing cliffs!

In most of the southern coastal towns there are several companies that provide boat excursions, whether for fishing or whale watching, to see the breathtaking views provided by the cliffs or to swim in coves away from the bustle of the crowds.

Many of these vessels offer a combination of at least two of the above activities. We will find Viking and pirate themed boats, big, small, sailing, motor boats… even submarines! Another alternative are the kayak excursions where you will be accompanied by an expert guide. You can use single or three-person kayaks to reach remote coves and caves. Many of these services remain operational outside of the summer season, although with reduced schedules, so you can keep them in your vacation plan regardless of the season.

“The Laurisilva, in the localities of Agua García and Anaga, is a natural relic from more than 20 million years ago that has remained practically unaltered over time.”

Useful information for your trip

In terms of seasons, the Canary Islands are free from the cold that plagues Europe during the winter season, maintaining a stable temperature that allows you to go to the beach in the cooler months of the calendar. Nature in Tenerife shines all year round, but when we like it most is once the summer season is over: The island takes on a more relaxed air in the tourist attractions.

Winter and spring are perfect for hiking and trekking, allowing you to enjoy excursions that become more crowded in summer. In addition, hiking in more arid areas of the island is much more bearable without the summer sun over our heads.

Whatever the season you decide to travel to Tenerife, swimsuit, snorkeling goggles and towels are indispensable, as well as sunscreen, since in the south of the island it is usually essential if you decide to walk outdoors.

Short cotton clothes and open shoes are recommended in summer. If you are going to spend a few days in the north of the island don’t forget to bring closed shoes and warmer clothes(Remember…Microclimates!).In both winter and spring it is best to add one or two jackets to your suitcase as mornings and evenings are usually wet. Warm clothing is advisable especially when visiting the island’s mountains in the northern part of the island, as it is usually quite cool. If you plan to hike, hats and caps are your best allies. Remember that the face and shoulders suffer a lot from the scourge of the sun.

We hope these tips have been useful to give you an idea of how to enjoy nature in Tenerife.
. Come and visit our little natural paradise on your next vacation, see you soon!

  • Ocean views after a good nature walk in Tenerife

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  • Benijo Beach in Taganana, Tenerife

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