Hiking in Tenerife

Dream views in splendid scenarios

Hiking for all ages

Hiking in Tenerife has sceneries that you will fall in love with. 

With walks for all ages, it’s a perfect spot for hiking alone or with your family at any level. The climate is ideal all year round to visit the island. In the north, you can get lost in its forests which vary drastically from one area to another in both density and type of vegetation. 

You will enjoy the endemic flora as well as other species imported by the Spanish after the conquest of the islands such as chestnut trees. 

It feels good to get lost in the right direction. 

Nowhere else will you see this variety of climates and vegetation in such a short time. You will get to know unique landscapes formed by the volcanic activity of the Teide combined with the inexorable wear and tear of the sea. Several walks end or start at the beautiful beaches of the island. You will cross the bottom of some ravines where you will find the caves in which the ancient aborigines lived. 

It’ll be easy for you to imagine what his life was like on the islands! 

You can access many of these trails without authorization. Several of these offer the services of a guide who will accompany you and provide details of the picturesque history of this land along with details about the fauna and flora. You won’t have to worry about the local fauna during your adventures on Tenerife’s land, as the island’s biggest dangers are hares and rabbits. 

Discovering the trails of Tenerife

Among the most beautiful trails we have, name the Alto de Guamaso, which provides an incredible view of the mountains and the sea of clouds. On the other hand, in the south of the island we have walks like the Malpaís de Güímar: a circular route along the coast and its surroundings so that you can marvel at the volcanic landscape. Another of the most spectacular walks is the Lunar Landscape in Vilaflor. Really incredible! 

In the Parque Rural de Anaga, there is El sendero de los Sentidos three short walks of different lengths but each lasting less than half an hour. Ideal to enjoy with the little ones, with plenty of viewpoints and information panels. 

The Ivi Trail is locatedin the same area and provides a luxury opportunity to get lost in the Laurisilva that characterises the park. 

In the center of the island, there are multiple walks such as Las Siete Cañadas, a pre-Hispanic trail that crosses much of the Teide National Park. You will put yourself in the shoes of an aborigine trying to walk from the north to the south of the island and vice versa. During the trip, you will see the typical flora of the area such as the Tajinastes and the violets of Teide. In Montaña Blanca, (the little sister of the famous Teide) being the most travelled trail in the National Park, you will be surprised by the abundant amount of pumice stone in the existing area thanks to the violent explosions of the volcano. The walk will give you a breathtaking view of the island, the sea of clouds and, on clear days, other islands. 

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Routes in detail

White Mountain: It is a high difficulty trail, approximately 5 hours long, with a slope of about 1.2 km. You will pass by its pumice stone paths surrounded by curious flora such as the Tajinastes. It ends at 3.5 km altitude, ending with unique views that you can not miss. You don’t need permission to do this trail. 

Caldera-Mamio: Located on the edge of the Corona Forestal Natural Park, this trail of approximately 6 km runs through a circular area that begins and ends in the recreational area of La Caldera, giving you a long journey of about 2:30 hours through the mountain in the north of the island. Surrounded by dense nature and several places to rest along the way, you will have a relaxing experience and perfect to disconnect. 

For the more adventurous… 

Playa del Socorro-Pico del Teide: By far the toughest challenge of hiking in Tenerife, with about 28 km of route and 3800 meters of accumulated slope in the ascent. This walk begins at sea level and climbs to the peak of the Teide, taking you through different landscapes. We will start at the beach, going up through towns and the slopes of the protected landscape of Los Campeches. We will continue by the viewpoint of the Crown and the Asomadero, the mount of the Natural Park of the Corona Forestal, the National Park of the Teide and from there up to the Rambleta. This is as far as you can get freely. To cover the last 600 meters you need a permit that you can apply for on this website any day of the year. 

«There are hiking options in Tenerife for all tastes. Don’t miss the overwhelming beauty of its varied landscapes.»

Hiking throughout the year

Although we have only named one location that requires authorisation, for several of the trails that run the peak, certain areas of the Teide and other natural spaces, it is necessary to have permission and access with a guide. You can request your pass to access the peak of the Teide in this link. 

You can also consult the hiking map in Tenerife here to find your routes and you can download the map of trails in Tenerife in PDF. 

Any time of the year is a good time to come hiking. The summer is usually a bit hot for some outings, mainly on the Teide and in the south of the island, which enjoys a more arid climate than the north. If you don’t mind the company, the summer months are completely valid for practice. The rest of the year you will find fewer people on the trails, especially in winter. 

Whatever your preference in hiking, in Tenerife we have an option for you. Don’t hesitate to ask the locals, almost all roads have a steady flow of people all year round, so you’ll never be too far from someone if you need something. The whole family can find valid ways. The most practical are the circular ones and in the shade of the trees, so that returning to the car does not become another challenge. We hope you come and take with you a good memory of your experience in nature.