Karting in Tenerife.

Unleash the adrenaline on our tracks! 

Do you like driving?

Karting in Tenerife is an ideal activity for the whole family. The island has great outdoor tracks with karts for adults and children. If you would like to add one more experience to a day of adventures in Tenerife… Take note!

“And only in competition, I see life” (Enzo Ferrari)

Karting tracks are open all year round so feel free to add a race or two to your itinerary to change the pace of your holiday, refresh yourself with speed and compete healthily.

Please note that minors must be authorized by their parent or legal guardian to perform the activity. The minimum age for driving karts is determined by each company for the safety of its customers, due to the different powers of the karts available.

If you are not sure if you can ride a kart because of a particular health condition, ask us, and we will clear up any doubts you may have.

But… What is karting?

Karting is what is called a go-kart competition. The go-karts themselves do not have a strict definition, but it is understood that they are single-seater vehicles without bodywork and suspension with four aligned wheels.

The karting tracks are between 600 and 1,700 meters and between 8 and 15 meters wide, so they are ideal training places for any novice driver, also to being the first track for many drivers in the different modalities of motorsport.

The majority of companies have available to the public several models of karts to adapt to the needs of the client, generally between 120 CC for the smallest, scaling up to 390/400 CC for the adults with a desire of more speed.

Without a doubt, karting is a great opportunity to experience the world of motoring for the first time or to practice your skills in a safe environment.

The go-karts are very close to the ground and are heavy, which makes them quite safe. They’re unlikely to turn around.

They’re pretty shock-resistant. Besides, the tracks are flat and full of protections in the curves and edges of the circuit so that you can enjoy the race in a reliable environment for young and old.

You are always free to run on your own and enjoy the track if you are alone, but most karting companies in Tenerife offer discounts for groups of more than 6 people. You usually pay for a set of laps, so you can have a good price to enjoy together.

  • Exciting and Different

  • In a group

  • With Family

  • Several Locations

  • Difficulty level: Easy

  • 10-30 minutes

  • Moderate (€€)

Here are some companies where you can carry out the activity

Karting Las Americas: This company in the south of the island offers an outdoor track, birthday celebration for the youngest, a 20-minute race and other races of different types and durations for adults. Children use 200 CC go-karts and adults have 270 CC. A large outdoor track in the climate of the Americas that promises sun and good weather all year round.

Karting Club Tenerife: located a short drive from Los Cristianos, this outdoor karting offers birthdays for minors including snacks, a medal and diploma for the birthday boy and optionally, photos and shirts for the guests. For adults, they offer birthdays and drinks in a group with option to different types of food after or before the race. You have at your disposal a multitude of karts at 120 CC, 160 CC, 180 CC and 200 CC for minors. For adults, it has models of 390 CC and 400 CC apart from a tandem kart to take children to try out the experience.

Karting Indoor Tenerife: based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, this facility offers two indoor tracks: one for the youngest and one for adults. They offer go-karts of 120 CC, 270 CC for minors and 390 CC for adults, a two-seater go-kart and an electric go-kart. Optionally, you can take karting lessons. Includes a classification of track records to be entered if you are fast enough.

Karting La Esperanza: in the north of Tenerife, this outdoor karting track brings spectacular views to the table while you enjoy karting in 120 CC, 200 CC, 270 CC and 390 CC vehicles. It should be noted that this company does not accept reservations for groups in the afternoon on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. On those days the track has enough customers so it will not be necessary to come in a group to fill the circuit and compete.

“My life is racing, pushing the limit, living on the edge. -Takuma Sato. “

To finish…

Take advantage and add Karting at Tenerife to your summer itinerary. You will not regret! Whether you are a veteran driver, or if you want the little ones to have their first car experience in a safe environment, or if what you want is to have a friendly drink with friends, the karting tracks at Tenerife are perfect for you. In summer we recommend the north track of the island if you want to practice between 12 and 4 o’clock since in the south it can get a little hotter. If the weather isn’t good, you have the Indoor Karting Tenerife indoor track. Remember that Karting Tenerife also offers a spacious bar where you can relax after the race . If this is your first time going karting, don’t worry, practically all tracks include around 10 minutes of test laps. In addition, they will give you instructions on how to drive the kart before starting. Obviously, the protective equipment is included in the price, but you can bring your own helmet if you have it. It should be noted that, if the circuits seem very large for minors, some of them have easier and shorter alternative routes for minors. We hope we have encouraged you to enjoy an experience on wheels on your next vacation. See you at the track!