A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded to your computer through the websites you visit. Websites store data that your browser sends back to you each time you visit them or as you navigate from one page to another on the site. Some cookies are essential to successfully use a website, since they allow you to remember information that has already been entered, such as flights you have selected or if you are logged in. Other cookies store browsing and booking habits to collect analytical data on website activity or to show you different products, depending on what seems to interest you.
The application we use to obtain and analyze navigation information is:
Google Analytics:
The cookies used on our website are as follows:


Strictly Necessary Cookies:

They are essential to allow navigation on our website and for the use of its various functionalities. Without them it is not possible to use any of the search, comparison and purchase services or other services available on the website. These cookies do not collect information about the user that can be used for marketing purposes, nor do they allow to track the user’s navigation on the web.

Performance Cookies:

They collect information on the use of the website, the pages visited and possible errors that may occur during navigation. We also use these cookies to recognize the place of origin of your visit on our Website. These cookies do not collect information that can identify you. Any information is collected anonymously and is used to help improve the operation of the web. Therefore, our cookies do not contain personal data. In some cases, some of these cookies are managed on our behalf by third parties, but they are not allowed to use them for purposes other than those mentioned above. The use of our website constitutes acceptance of the use of this type of cookie. In the event to be blocked, we can not guarantee the proper functioning of it.


Personalization Cookies:

They are used to facilitate navigation on the website, to store the settings of the different options and to provide personalized functionalities. In some cases, we may allow advertisers or other third parties to place cookies on our website to provide personalized content and services. In any case, the use of our website constitutes acceptance for the use of this type of cookie. If cookies are blocked, we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of it.


Targeting Cookies:

They are used to collect information from the user in order to display specific ads based on their interests. These cookies allow us to share our website and click “Like” on social networking sites like Facebook.
The duration of the cookies we use may vary. In particular, there are session cookies that are only valid for an individual search or browsing session and disappear when the browser is closed and persistent cookies, which can have a variable duration. The maximum duration of cookies for this second category is 5 years.
Due to the particular structure of our website, if you disable cookies this will prevent you from browsing the web and using our services.
However, we inform you that there are several ways to manage cookies. By modifying the browser settings, you can choose to disable cookies or receive a notice before accepting one. You can delete all the cookies installed in the cookie folder of your browser. Each browser has different procedures to manage its configuration.
Below are the specific instructions for each browser:
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