Let yourself be surprised by a natural space of exceptional beauty and incalculable value

Why Anaga?

Anaga, en Tenerife, es un espacio natural protegido situado en la zona nordeste de Tenerife y declarado Reserva de la Biosfera. Con una extensión que se aproxima a las 14.500 hectáreas, el Parque Rural forma parte de los municipios de San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife y Tegueste.

Solo la naturaleza hace grandes obras sin esperar recompensa alguna” – Alexander Herzen 

La belleza natural de Anaga salta a vista nada más llegar a la zona. El tiempo parece que no ha pasado por aquí, ya que mantiene prácticamente intacto su gran valor natural. Los profundos valles y barrancos, las abruptas montañas y la cercanía al mar crean una imagen única que sorprende a todo el que lo visita. Alberga, además, una gran variedad de fauna y flora, con especies endémicas que son únicas en Canarias. En definitiva, el Parque Rural de Anaga es imprescindible en tu visita a Tenerife, una increíble muestra de la armonía y la coexistencia entre el ser humano y la naturaleza.


What does it offer?

Anaga, in Tenerife, offers spectacular landscapes that are even more enjoyable when one of its trails is made. Taking a route is, without a doubt, the best way to discover its great natural diversity. And best of all, you will find different trails that vary in duration and level of difficulty, some even being ideal for children.

When hiking, you will come into direct contact with the park’s natural environment, which houses 120 local endemisms. You will be able to observe the best representation of laurisilva on the island, a lush ancient forest that has survived more than 40 million years. Exploring it is an experience for the senses!

In the coastal area you will find wild beaches of exceptional beauty where you can enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. Likewise, the picturesque hamlets that are part of the park are also a recommended visit. In total, there are 26 nuclei in which some 2,000 people live in a distributed manner and that show their perfect harmony with the environment. In them you can make a stop to regain strength and taste delicious local products.

Essential in Anaga

Making a trail is an essential plan in the Anaga Rural Park. There are different itineraries, ranging from light walks to long walks and higher difficulty. One of the most popular is the Path of the Senses, ideal for families. Along the way you will find sensitive panels that propose different experiences through hearing, sight and touch. An original way to better understand and understand the environment.

The Pijaral trail, popularly known as the Enchanted Forest, is another of the most recommended options. With this route you can admire species such as the pjara, huge ferns that can reach 2 meters in height. It is important that you bear in mind that it is a protected area, so if you want to do this route you must book in advance on the website of the Cabildo de Tenerife. The demand is high and it is advisable to request it in advance to ensure a place (the maximum is 45 people per day).

The singular coast is also a must. Here you will find the Beaches of Taganana, Almáciga and Benijo, all of them wild and of unique beauty, very different from the rest of the beaches of Tenerife. If you are looking for tranquility, connect with the surroundings and enjoy the sea, do not hesitate to visit them. You will not regret!

Weather in Anaga

It is common for visitors arriving at the Anaga Rural Park to be totally surprised due to the contrast of their landscapes with respect to other areas of Tenerife. This is mainly due to the climate, more specifically, to the microclimates of the island. And it is that this area is much more humid and fresh, allowing the development of lush forests and spectacular landscapes dominated by green nature. The rugged terrain also plays a key role.

Therefore, if you plan to visit Anaga, it is advisable to bring warm clothes and a raincoat. The weather in this area can vary rapidly and in the same day go from a blue sky to a thick fog. If you are going to do any trail, equip yourself with comfortable shoes and good grip. Do not forget to bring sunscreen, water and food either. Ah! And the swimsuit, since if you get to the coast you will surely want a refreshing swim.

What to do in Anaga?

By reading this text, you will surely have realized that the best plan is to enjoy its places of great natural value. Take one of its many trails, take a swim on a wild beach, learn about the local lifestyle through its hamlets … There are many options available that will not entail any economic investment. And if you like sports activities, it is a perfect area for mountain biking, diving, surfing or kayaking.

We assure you that visiting the Anaga Rural Park will be one of the best experiences of your visit to Tenerife. A way to get to know and admire the rich diversity of Tenerife, with completely different landscapes between them. Let it surprise you! Are you coming to meet him?