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Tralopia International has complaint forms at Calle El Roque, 22, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00.

The complaint forms will conform to the model approved by the Ministry responsible for tourism and will consist of a unitary set of forms, consisting of an original sheet of white and three copies of pink, green and blue.

Tralopia International will provide its clients with claim forms when they request them, fill in the entire data box to be completed by the company and provide the explanations and data necessary for their proper completion. The claimant must keep in his possession the copy of green color for the purposes of his record, and will send the original (white copy) to the Ministry responsible for tourism. The claimant may attach the evidence or documents it deems necessary to the original copy. In case of price claims, the presentation of the invoice will be mandatory.

Within a month from the date of the claim, Tralopia International will send the blue copy to the Ministry responsible for tourism, keeping the pink copy.

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