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Keep calm and… come to Tenerife

Here we know how to take things easy: Relax in Tenerife

In the Canary Islands in general, and it is something that (of course) can be extended to the case of Tenerife, the lifestyle has something particular, something that visitors who come to the archipelago notice right away. Canarians are specialists in living life in tranquility. Thus, it is logical that relaxation tourism in Tenerife is experiencing a golden age.

The island of Tenerife is ideal for a relaxing stay.

If we talk about travel and experiences focused on wellness and relaxation, Tenerife is a reference. The tradition of a more recreational and active tourism, related to the beach, nightlife or the practice of outdoor sports, does not prevent this other facet of the island from being increasingly present in Tenerife’s tourist offer.

In a way, it is part of the local way of life. It is enough to take a tour of the less crowded and more rural areas of the island to confirm that here the clock has a different rhythm, that time runs in a different way. On that basis, and thanks to the varied natural heritage of the island, it is easy to search and find relaxing activities in Tenerife.

If you continue reading you can learn more about some of the many options that Tenerife offers to pamper your body and free your mind; to spend a stay in which relaxation, wellness, self-care, in short, are the number one priority. Will you join us?

Pamper your body: Relax in Tenerife, the most!

Massage: What better way to start a vacation than with a massage; actually, it is a good way to start, or end, any day of our life… Treat yourself to a relaxing massage, Tenerife has a wide variety of massages in different specialties and styles from all over the world.

Who said health and leisure are incompatible? Not at all. Especially if water is involved! Swimming pools, whirlpools, jacuzzis, saunas, flotariums and a wide range of treatments and exercises are available throughout Tenerife, in a good number of establishments with specific experience in all of them.

Wellness therapies:
Thalassotherapy, halotherapy, wine therapy, geotherapy or allotherapy… And many more! Every day we are surprised to discover a wellness therapy we may never have heard of before. On our island you will find the one you most want to experience or the one that best suits your needs.

Relaxing stays:
How about spending a few days in a hotel specialized in offering stays where wellness is the main focus? In the chapter relaxation hotels, Tenerife has a wide range of hotel establishments where you can live very complete experiences aimed at relaxing first and then recharge your batteries.

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Free your mind: the best of Relax in Tenerife

Yoga: This ancient practice is based on various physical postures and certain breathing techniques to achieve a great mental and, in a certain way, spiritual well-being. Whether in a quiet room or in an inspiring outdoor location, yoga is a great idea to reach nirvana, or at least a high level of relaxation in Tenerife.

Inner connection workshops: The search for inner peace is a very personal path, in which each person must find the tools that suit him/her best. Through meditation, mindfulness workshops or various zen practices you can make that journey that leads you to yourself; Tenerife is a good starting point.

Disconnection: Sometimes, what we need in order not to rest is some kind of activity that takes us out of our particular daily hustle and bustle. It can be long gentle walks, some manual work, the so-called forestbathing or, simply, spending a few days living and coexisting in a secluded place with the local people, taking on their rhythm, their work…

Digital Detox: The latest frontier in wellness is knowing how to say no (at least for a few days) to the technological and digital whirlwind that surrounds us. It feels great, we assure you. Tenerife, with its breathtaking landscapes, clear skies and charming corners seems a place tailor-made to achieve this.

“Our body is a garden and our will, the gardener” – W. Shakespeare

Take care of your well-being

The sea and the sun, the air and the sand, everything in the essence of Tenerife seems to want to contribute to make you feel good. In this sense, Tenerife, relax and wellness could be considered synonyms. In fact, for some, the island of Tenerife resembles a large outdoor spa. And they are right…

On the other hand, there are other activities that in principle are not directly related to the concept of relaxation tourism in Tenerife, but for many people are the perfect complement to achieve that precious state of well-being. We refer to, for example, stargazing or boat trips among cetaceans, also available in Tenerife.

We invite you to explore all these options, and to choose and combine them in the way that is most pleasant and enjoyable for you. Fortunately, there are many and varied possibilities in almost any part of the island, so the task will be very easy for you. And the result will be worth the effort…

As you have seen, the possibilities for a relaxing vacation in Tenerife are very abundant and extremely varied. You’re sure to find an activity or experience that fits perfectly with what your body and mind are asking for. And if not… Well, in the worst case scenario, you can always look for a quiet beach with a nearby beach bar and relax the old fashioned way…

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