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Tenerife and cycling, a love story

It sounds cliché, but Tenerife is a privileged place for cycling enthusiasts. The island and two-wheelers seem to be made for each other: the diversity of landscapes enchants cycling tourism enthusiasts; the well-preserved natural areas are a magnet for MTB devotees; and no road cyclist can resist our road network.

The layout of the roads, the rugged areas, the diversity of landscapes make Tenerife a great place for cyclists.

Bicycles in Tenerife are another of the many leisure options open to visitors. They offer a different way to get into the island, enjoy its eternal spring and face the challenges presented to the most sporty. To combine vacations and sports practice, travel and enjoyment. To really get to know the place we are visiting.

It is also an excellent way to get in touch with the reality of Tenerife. When we cycle we tend to notice things that otherwise we don’t usually stop to think about, and we have experiences that are closer to the local population and the territory we are riding through, whether we go on our own or opt for an organized activity.

Below you will find some ideas on how to take advantage of bicycles in Tenerife in different ways throughout your stay, as well as information in case you want to rent a bike in Tenerife while you are here.

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Bicycle activities

Just as
there are many different types of bikes and cyclists
there are many ways to have fun pedaling around Tenerife. Do you prefer the open country, do you look for steep roads, do you like to explore different environments?

Cycling tourism:
Combining cycling and tourism is the usual way for many people to get to know their vacation destination. The complexity of the routes does not have to be the main incentive for pedaling, but the attractiveness of the environment. With the boom that electric bicycles are experiencing in Tenerife, the possibilities and the number of riders are expanding even more.

Road cycling:
Not for nothing is Tenerife one of the favorite destinations for many cycling professionals to train. The slopes, the routes and the differences in altitude are the main ingredients to enjoy pedaling on asphalt, and here you will find them all gathered in a great number of different routes. The roads are filled with bicycles in Tenerife.

Coming to this island and not doing some downhill biking should be forbidden. Among the many possibilities to enjoy cycling in Tenerife is our favorite; not because the routes are technically complicated (on the contrary), but because it gives us the option to get into the nature of Tenerife with a few drops of adventure. The Teide descent is, of course, the star route.

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Tenerife Bike Rental

One vehicle for a hundred different routes

The combination of many possible activities and the variety of the island’s landscape contribute to create an enormous range of possibilities. In other words, you don’t have to be a two-wheeled expert to have a good time, whether you choose road or dirt, whether you use it for short distances or long, leisurely rides.

If you are in Santa Cruz or La Laguna, for example, its wide network of bicycle-friendly roads will allow you to get to know the cities in depth, from the historic centers to the beaches. Something similar happens in the south, in the area of Los Cristianos. Another option would be to visit the small villages of the midlands, getting in direct contact with the more rural and agrarian reality of Tenerife.

Or let’s say you opt for the most natural side of the island; there are tours for all tastes and abilities in Anaga, Teno and, of course, the Corona Forestal and the Teide National Park. Cycling in these areas has proved to be a good way to enjoy nature halfway between hiking and driving.

The only thing you need to enjoy Tenerife by bike is… a bike. Can you rent bicycles in Tenerife? Of course, that’s not a problem! You can rent bicycles in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, rent bicycles in Tenerife south or practically in any corner of the island, always with very competitive rates and a very complete assistance service.

“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle I regain hope for the future of the human race.” – H.G. Wells

Tenerife, a bike and you

When times were more complicated and roads were worse, bicycles in Tenerife were one of the best ways to get around the island. Today, apart from being the preferred means of transportation for a large minority, they are a primary tool for traveling and learning.

It doesn’t matter if you are an accomplished cyclist or if you only ride occasionally, if bikes are your great passion or if you haven’t ridden one for years. The weather is good and Tenerife cries out for you to approach without haste, at ground level, enjoying every meter you walk. Alone or in company, in the bush or in town.

Take advantage of your stay to recover old sensations or not to miss the less frequented corners. Para reconocer despacio esos encantos que nos pasan desapercibidos con demasiada frecuencia. To feel tired and happy, knowing that you’ve squeezed the most out of yourself or that you’ve been able to see and live what you came for, and much more.

Choose one of the many bike-based tourist activities that you will find on the island, or pedal on your own risk. One way or the other, or both, your legs and two wheels will take you where you want to go, or maybe even a little further. There will be no shortage of bicycles in Tenerife to achieve this.

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