Spa in Tenerife

Jets, cold, heat, stones and… a lot of relaxation

Hydrotherapy as a pleasure

Behind hydrotherapy there is always an effort to improve our health, to increase our well-being, both bodily and mental. And, whenever we go on vacation, whether it’s a getaway or a longer period, there’s a deep goal: to enjoy. In a spa in Tenerife it is perfectly possible to combine both ideas.

The Tenerife-Spa combination can’t fail. 

Although Tenerife is a privileged place for its climate, its landscapes and its natural wonders, it can still improve if our priority is rest and well-being. Just choose one of the many hydrotherapy centres on the island to multiply the relaxing effects that the island has naturally.

The usual spa circuit involves subjecting the body to different temperatures and pressures, making it go through different stages aimed at relaxing. Thus, the classic circuit would involve shower, hydromassage (jets of water), cold pool, hot pool, thermal or sauna (alternating with steps by the cold pool), pediluvium, cycle of showers and final time in the relaxation area.

When there is a medical prescription for a specific ailment, it is advisable to seek treatment in a spa whose medicinal waters are specifically indicated to cure or combat that. If this is not your case, you can choose the spa in Tenerife that you like the most!

Spa in Tenerife south

The coastline between Los Gigantes and Playa Las Américas is full of hydrotherapy establishments; it’s easy to find a spa in Tenerife south, but… do you know which ones are really worth it?

Aqua Club Thermal: One of the most famous spa centres in the south of Tenerife. Located in Costa Adeje, it has excellent facilities in its thermal circuit, but in addition it offers very varied experiences, from the marriage between spa and food to nudist nights, going through numerous specialized treatments. It’s definitely worth it.

Spa Azules de Nivaria: We couldn’t miss the incredible facilities Spawellplus has at the Gran Hotel Roca Nivaria, in Adeje, very close to the Puertito. 1800 square meters with circuit areas that you may not even have heard of while contemplating the ocean and La Gomera. And at a surprisingly low price; a very affordable whim.

Hotel Sensimar Los Gigantes Spa: We can find numerous hotels with spa in Tenerife south, and it would not be easy to recommend only one… But this would be on any list. It’s small, cozy and quiet (in a spa, the fewer people, the better), and it can boast impeccable facilities and simply unbeatable staff. You’ll find it, of course, in Los Gigantes.

  • Relaxed

  • Essential

  • Adults Only

  • Several Locations

  • Difficulty Level: Easy

  • Between 1 and 2 Hours

  • Moderate (€€)

Spa in Tenerife North

If you’re in the northern part of the island and are looking for a spa in Tenerife north you won’t be disappointed; some of the most complete and exclusive circuits are on this side of Teide. Here are just a few of them.

Club Spa La Quinta Park: The prestigious La Quinta resort (in Santa Ursula) could not fail to host one of the best spas in the archipelago. Hydrotherapy is one of the most complete health and wellness services you can choose from. The combination of the services of the Aquatic Space and the Templarium is simply beyond almost any expectation.

Spa Sensations Mencey: If we speak of spa in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, we must necessarily refer to the Iberostar Heritage Grand Mencey, the only five-star hotel in the city. Its hydrotherapy circuit has all the facilities you could wish for, and even some more. Of course, attention to detail is paramount. Not to mention the massages. Quite a luxury; give it to yourself.

Oriental Spa Garden: Sounds like a cliché, but the Hotel Botánico spa is a reference; this spa in Tenerife is one of the best considered in the world. Its different programs and rituals available, put into practice outdoors in spectacular subtropical gardens, will leave you as new, inside and out. Frankly, it’s hard to find anything like it.

“Without well-being, life is not life.” – F. Rabelais 

Come and renew inside and out

These spas we have presented to you are just a few of the many you will find on the island. While it is true that all of them have very good ratings from their customers and in some cases true specialists in the field, in Tenerife there is a wide range to choose in terms of facilities, services, locations and prices is concerned.

As you can imagine, in almost any spa in Tenerife you can combine hydrotherapy with other treatments aimed at improving your physical and mental health, from massages of various types and cosmetic treatments to other programs more focused on psychological or spiritual balance: yoga, meditation sessions, personal self-exploration workshops …

On the other hand, it is increasingly common to see combinations of experiences and activities in which hydrotherapy is a fundamental part, but not the only one. So, for example, we can find packages that include spa and a tasting menu, spa and an excursion through an inspiring setting, spa and some other type of therapy… the combinations are endless!

For all these reasons, we suggest that you take advantage of your visit to visit a spa in Tenerife. Whether it’s as a small part of your holiday or as the most important element of your stay here, it’s worth discovering that other facet of Tenerife: wellness tourism is here to stay; it will be that you like the island…