Running in Tenerife

Running, running and… running some more

The road to happiness

Your legs are heavy, your head is pounding, your chest feels like it’s about to explode… And yet, you love it, you couldn’t live without running. If you see yourself reflected in this image, you will have a great time running in Tenerife. In the city, on the beach or in the mountains, alone or in company, for fun or in competition mode, you decide!

The combination of good weather and diversity of landscapes is a delight for running enthusiasts.

Tenerife ‘s unspeakable climate and the excellent preservation of its very varied landscapes make it a privileged place for any outdoor or nature-related sport. The race was not going to be an exception; you can run through rainforests or between volcanoes, at sea level or at more than 2000 meters of altitude. And always surrounded by eternal spring.

Both those who run for the pleasure of it and those who take it more seriously will find on this island a space tailored to their tastes and needs. If you like to run at your own pace, in the city or in nature, you can. If you prefer sports facilities, there are plenty of them. And if you want to come and compete… Get ready!

In the following lines we give you some very basic ideas about the general panorama of running in Tenerife, the possible modalities that you can practice here and some privileged places to do it. And we also mention some competitions; so that you have a good excuse to visit us, if necessary…

One island, infinite routes

The special pleasure of running in Tenerife has a lot to do with the diversity of terrain and conditions.
diversity of terrain and conditions
you can choose from. Here are some options:

Trail running:
If mountain trails, tackling the slope and feeling the earth beneath your shoes is your thing, you’re in the right place. Hundreds of kilometers of trails and tracks await you. If you want mountain and forest, we suggest the Anaga massif in the north, and if you prefer a volcanic experience, run through the south or the Teide National Park.

Route on asphalt:
It is most common to practice this running modality, whether it is a gentle jog or if you want to challenge your limits, in the cities, the villages of the midlands or on the coastal perimeter of the island. Scattered throughout the length and breadth of the island are numerous sports facilities and tracks, and the promenades are an obligatory (and very pleasant) reference for running in Tenerife.

Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquathlon:
Combined sports seem to be designed expressly for Tenerife. Where else but here could running, swimming and cycling be more successfully mixed? It is a must for amateurs and professionals, both for training and competition.

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Running and competition in Tenerife

Tenerife has become the venue for numerous sporting events related to running, some of them of the so-called extreme ones. Are you up for it?

Tenerife Bluetrail: The most demanding of the island’s extreme races, the Bluetrail is at the same time the best opportunity to get into some of the most breathtaking landscapes of Tenerife. The most complete of its many modalities (the so-called Ultra) exceeds 100 kilometers, crosses the island from side to side and exceeds 3500 meters of altitude. This is running in Tenerife on another level, and a vital experience.

Tenerife Marathon: If you like running in urban and asphalt, why not try this marathon in the capital of the island? Designed in three distances (8K, half marathon and marathon), it is affordable for champions and also for all those who want to face a personal challenge and get closer to the world of competition.

Isla Baja Garachico Triathlon: It is difficult to highlight a single triathlon in Tenerife, because there are several on the island and all of them with a good reputation… The Garachico triathlon stands out for its carefully designed layout to find the balance between all parts of it. In addition, the beauty of the area will leave you in one piece if you have not visited it before.

“Never set limits for yourself, go beyond your dreams, don’t be afraid to cross your boundaries.” – Paula Radcliffe

Put on your shoes, warm up a bit, and go for it!

The best thing about running is that it does not require any complicated equipment or special facilities. Just a pair of sneakers, a more or less firm ground and your desire to walk it. What you do need is a capacity for sacrifice, a spirit of self-improvement and… well, a desire to run. The rewards it offers, on the other hand, are immense.

The balanced temperatures and the pure air that characterize the island’s climate are asking you not to think about it, to take advantage of it and explore its most hidden corners. In its landscapes and its inhabitants you will recognize the legendary charm of this land and its people.

And you will see that, whether at sea level or in the highest village in Spain, among the primeval laurel forests of the north or in the desolate volcanic wastelands of the south, on the hectic coastline of Los Cristianos or the quiet hamlets of the Anaga massif, running in Tenerife is more than ever and more than anywhere else, a real pleasure.

So take a deep breath, put on some music if you like and take to the streets, walks, trails and paths of Tenerife. And when you get tired, get a massage, go for tapas or just lie on the beach and watch life go by. Or, if you have energy left, you can go biking, kayaking, caving….

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