Canyoning in Tenerife

Walk, swim, drop and… jump!

In Tenerife, there is no shortage of canyons

If there is one thing that characterizes the island of Tenerife (and the Canary Islands in general), apart from its splendid climate, it is its rugged relief. Teide is the jewel in the crown, but the massifs of Anaga, Teno and Adeje and the labyrinth of associated ridges give rise to one of the hallmarks of the territory: the ravines. It was to be expected that canyoning in Tenerife would be all the rage among locals and visitors alike.

Canyoning brings together the best of mountain sports.

Canyoning as such is a relatively recent sport. This little sister of hiking, mountaineering and climbing has quickly made a place for itself in the hearts of mountain enthusiasts. The reason is obvious: exciting, varied and sometimes highly technical, it brings together the best of each specialty without sacrificing anything.

Canyoning in Tenerife is, therefore, one of those activities that you should include in your agenda during your stay on the island of eternal spring. It will allow you to get in close contact with the exuberant nature of Tenerife, challenge your own limits and, if you have never done it before, discover an exciting activity.

Whether dry or wet and with the degree of difficulty that best suits your abilities, canyoning in Tenerife offers you the chance to experience a truly intense experience. To make it easy for you, here are a few locations and, above all, tour operators to whom you can turn for support and advice.

Canyoning in Tenerife; the north: Anaga and Teno

You are interested to know, for canyoning in Tenerife, reliable companies in the northern part of the island
in the northern part of the island
where you will find great sites.

Nivaria Extreme:
Canyoning in Tenerife would not be the same without these people based in San Cristobal de La Laguna and specialized in active tourism. From El Batán in Anaga to Lomo Morin in Teno, there is no ravine that can resist them. Although canyoning is far from being their only activity, they have built up a strong fan club that has become regulars.

What better base than Los Realejos to explore the ravines on the northern side of the island. Alexisnatura has phenomenal reviews from its customers for its experienced staff and the right choice of locations for canyoning. Small groups, tailor-made excursions and good prices; what more could you ask for?

True pioneers of nature sports on the island, they have been able to make this passion their way of life. With respect for the natural environment as a compass, fun as a flag and 30 years of dedication behind them, they will take you to know the wildest side of Tenerife (and, if you want, of the nearby islands). You will find them in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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  • Canyoning in Tenerife

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From Fasnia to Erques: canyoning in Tenerife South

Some of the most famous ravines of the island swirl along the southern slope. These are some of the tourism companies with experience in the sector.

Canyon Tenerife: Real canyoning specialists in Tenerife. You will be in good hands with Santiago or Benjamin, who provide you with the equipment and all the necessary experience. Although their base is in Granadilla de Abona, they do canyoning all over the island, with the Badajoz canyon as a reference but with notable incursions in Teno.

Xplore Tenerife: When it comes to canyoning, Xplore Tenerife is a good starting point if you are near Los Cristianos. With a long history in outdoor tourism, they take you to one of the most spectacular canyons of the island, Los Carrizales, and put within your reach an impressive experience, with all the guarantees of safety and fun you would expect.

Adrenaline Adventure Tenerife: They come from Costa Adeje and adventure is their hallmark. They pride themselves on their tailored and adaptable excursions and experiences, tailor-made for families, fanatics or anyone looking for their caring services. Guaría, Guía, El Rey and other canyons in Adeje, Arona and Guía de Isora attest to their professionalism and good work.

“It always seems impossible… Until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela

Prepare neoprene, helmet and descender…

If you are a pro canyoneer, in Tenerife you will feel like a kid with new shoes. And if you have never put on a harness or jumped into a pool between the water and the rocks, you will discover that Tenerife is the ideal place to get started in what may become your new passion, because there is something special about canyoningOnce you’ve tried it… there’s no turning back!

Perhaps the best thing about coming to Tenerife to do canyoning, canyoning or whatever you want to call it, is that you can do many more things, and of the most varied. If you want to combine it with a wine tasting, an afternoon at the beach or a buggy ride, who’s stopping you? On the contrary, the greatness of the island lies in its immense diversity, and since you have come, you should take advantage of it, right?

And if you are an absolute devotee of the mountains, you will enjoy walking and climbing in unique natural environments, full of endemic species and geological peculiarities. Not excluding other possibilities, such as picking mushrooms in primeval forests or marveling at the island’s night sky. Getting into the natural side of Tenerife is a privilege.

We want you to enjoy canyoning in Tenerife to the fullest, but always safely. So, remember that it is an activity that involves some risk and requires some technical knowledge, as well as a lot of practice, and that it is not advisable to do canyoning alone. With more people, especially if they know what they are doing, you will have a better time. Guaranteed.

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