Climbing in Tenerife

Walls and roads in the eternal spring

Holds and harnesses with a Canarian accent, let’s go Climbing in Tenerife!

The island of Tenerife is known worldwide for several reasons, and probably the main one is that it is home to one of the highest volcanoes in the world, Mount Teide. It is not a complicated mountain for mountaineers, but climbers know that where there are mountains there are usually walls. This is how a new opportunity is discovered. Welcome to the world of climbing in Tenerife!

Climbing, Teide, Tenerife, are closely linked concepts.

Climbing is a simple sport discipline by principle: climbing walls using one’s own strength. Its purity and the way it tests our body and above all our mind has made it an increasingly popular activity that has enormously passionate practitioners. Let’s just say it’s one of those things that, once you try it, there’s no turning back.

Climbing in Tenerife has particular characteristics, given the geomorphological conformation of the island. The rock here is not always compact, of volcanic origin, and lovers of classic climbing enjoy the self-protection mode. Little by little, new avenues are opening up, especially in sports, and Tenerife remains open to new discoveries.

In any case, here you will find walls for all climbing levels. Whether you have never seen a grigri or you are a perfect master of the most unorthodox grips, Tenerife allows you to test yourself all year round, experience rare rocks and combining climbing with other leisure activitieswhether adventure and outdoor or not.

Where to go climbing in Tenerife?

There are abundant areas for rock climbing in Tenerife; here we will mention a few privileged areas and let you discover the rest on your own…

Cañadas del Teide: Climbing in Tenerife would not be the same if it is not done in the surroundings of Teide, right? At more than 2000 meters and on abrasive rock, between towers and more or less marked corridors, exciting overhangs await you at El Capricho (a great place for bouldering), or the classic routes of La Catedral and Los Roques de García. There is room for everyone, and the setting is fantastic.

Arico: In the higher areas of this municipality and its surroundings (especially around Chimiche) there are several spots with varied characteristics, but where continuity climbing predominates: the more popular Los Naranjos, the apparently chaotic Las Vegas, the technical Zona Zero del Río… La Galería (to the north, above the hamlet of Icor) offers good regleteras in a plunging jump-off.

Vistamar: Guaría (to the south, next to Acojeja) is famous for its long routes, Tabares (to the north in El Toscal) is known for being perfect for free climbing, but we’ll stick with Vistamar for… well, for its spectacular setting and views. This little corner in Santa Ursula offers some thirty medium-distance routes of varying grades almost on the ocean; priceless for those coming from the interior.

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Schools, clubs and guided climbing routes in Tenerife

To practice climbing in Tenerife you have numerous options, depending on your circumstances. You can find various clubs, schools and tourist companies.

El Ocho Escalada: The reference par excellence on the island, and more specifically in the area of Arico. School, traditional and sport climbing, bulder, psicobloc, guided outings, hostel (the famous Tenerife Climbing House), in short, everything that climbing enthusiasts are looking for. Experience and technical preparation are the starting points for these people.

Federación Insular de Montañismo de Tenerife: The obligatory starting point if you are looking for clubs and climbing walls, activities and group outings, references about a store, information about licenses or equipment, guides about routes, etc. Located in Los Majuelos, halfway between La Laguna and Santa Cruz, you will surely visit them if you stay for a while and like to go on your own.

El Cardón Naturexperience: A good example, perhaps the best, of a tourism company that includes climbing in its product offering. The good thing about using them is that all equipment and licensing issues are taken care of beforehand, and of course you will have qualified and certified instructors who know the terrain perfectly. You will find them in Buenavista del Norte.

“The true art of climbing is that of survival and difficulty, which consists of always wanting to go beyond what we have mastered.” – Reinhold Messner

Authorities don’t warn, but climbing is addictive

Climbing masters, carabiner novices, get ready, everyone. After your visit to Tenerife nothing will ever be the same again. For the latter, because you will have felt the addiction caused by this sport, this way of life, and surely you will never be able to forget it. For the first ones, because climbing in Tenerife does not offer the most complex routes or the most extreme climbs, but it offers quality of life; you will not be the first ones to stay forever…

If climbing is one of those experiences that you have always wanted to live and you have never found the right time for it, no more excusesVery close to your lodging you will find the route where you will be baptized, in the hands of experts and within the framework of a greater experience: to get to know Tenerife’s nature up close.

There is no need to encourage the deans of art; I am sure that long before coming they have already informed themselves well, and that they have acquired the book of ways rather than a hotel. In any case, remember that, between ascents, you can take a swim at the beach or in a puddle, taste gastronomic specialties in any town or hamlet, or recover with a massage in a local wellness center.

After a couple of climbs you will see Tenerife differently. The island of the cozy beaches and the wrinkled potatoes will also remain forever associated in your head with that demanding wall with those phenomenal views

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