Massages in Tenerife

Relax like never before on your vacation

Your body deserves it; and you too

Few sensations are as pleasurable as feeling expert hands running through our stiff muscles, feeling how we recover our well-being little by little. Imagine if that happens in a land of near-perfect weather, breathtaking scenery and legendary hospitality. Well, that’s what massages in Tenerife are; an experience that borders on perfection.

In Tenerife you can find massages of very different schools.

Massages are therapeutic techniques of muscular manipulation that have been used throughout the ages and in all cultures to recover lost health or to reach higher states of well-being. In addition to the obvious physical effect, there is a psychological or mental improvement related, in general, to the extreme relaxation that massage brings.

You will already know that there are many types of massages, depending on their function, their objectives and the methods used. Some are subtle and require little physical contact, such as acupressure, and others are much more vigorous, such as the Slavic “massage” with birch branches. If you are interested in relaxing massages, Tenerife has a wide offer in this respect.

From holistic massage to lymphatic drainage, Ayurvedic massage or Hawaiian lomi-lomi, among others, there are many specialists on the island who can make you feel much better in a matter of hours. In the following lines we present you a few massage centers in Tenerife, so you can get a small idea.

Tenerife north massages

You don’t have to go far to find massages in Tenerife without leaving the north zone. From Puerto de la Cruz to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, these are some of the most outstanding.

Rainbow Massages:
If you are in the capital on the hunt for a good massage center, Santa Cruz de Tenerife has a wide and varied offer. Rainbow, right in the center of town, is a favorite among local customers. Lidia uses various techniques and relies on meditation to provide a fully satisfying experience physically, but also mentally.

This is a relaxation center located in La Orotava where yoga is the main protagonist, but which is, as they themselves say, much more than that. It has been able to assemble a multidisciplinary team very prepared and experienced; foot reflexology, tuina, Thai and Californian massage, pindas or fasciotherapy are in its catalog of services. An extremely interesting option.

Essence of Health Finca España:
In San Cristóbal de La Laguna is one of the most complete aesthetic, massage and nutrition centers in the archipelago. Here they attend to your well-being in a broad sense, with a wide variety of health and beauty treatments. Their staff masters different techniques and here you can receive some of the best massages in Tenerife imaginable.

  • Relaxed

  • Adults only

  • Individual

  • Several Locations

  • Nivel de dificultad: Fácil

  • Between 1 and 2 hours

  • Moderado (€€)

  • Candles and towels ready for massages in Tenerife

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  • Back massage in Tenerife North

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  • Relaxing head massage

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Tenerife south massages

The vibrant southern part of the island is synonymous with water sports, nightlife and exciting leisure activities. Here, massages should be mandatory! Do you know where to find them?

Healthy Harmony: We can’t fail to mention one of the highest rated holistic wellness centers on the island. Located in a quiet spot in Arona, with two TirpAdvisor certificates of excellence awarded by its clients, it is much more than a massage place in Tenerife; including reflexology, reiki and emotional therapy techniques, the experience is truly renewing.

Hotel Spa Villalba: This is unlike anything else you can see in the coastal area of Tenerife. We are talking about a delicious hotel located in Vilaflor, at the highest point of the island. Apart from its wonderful spa, the hotel’s massage offer is simply excellent: several options based on the Ayurveda tradition, foot reflexology, aromatherapy or the BNS technique, among others…

Bua Wellness Center: This is one of those places that could go unnoticed in the numerous offerings in the south of the island; however, Bua stands out above most as a massage space rigorously based on the rich Thai tradition, in which the masseurs stand out for their great preparation. It is located in Playa de las Americas. More than recommended.

“The way to health is through an aromatic bath and a perfumed massage every day.” – Hippocrates

Find your well-being in the eternal spring

We would like that after your visit to Tenerife you reach total satisfaction; that you enjoy the active tourism offers, that you are seduced by the gastronomy, that you are dazzled by the beaches and mountains, and, of course, that you feel renewed inside and out. If apart from seeing, tasting and touring you get a couple of massages, Tenerife will make you fall in love forever.

Thus, you have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the beach, unforgettable hiking trails through forests and volcanoes, practice some snorkeling y eating in a guachinche (to give you just a few examples) and to finish off your day with a relaxing massage that will make you feel as good as new. and ready for any new activity the next day.

And if you are looking for something particular, surely you can find in the wide variety of massages in Tenerife one that fits perfectly with your needs. Whether it’s a complete relaxation treatment, a broader experience that encompasses body and mind, or the expert touch of a specialist in a particular technique, we have it here.

Explore the different options and you will find a massage center tailored to your needs. You will be able to leave behind all the stress and discomfort you brought with you, and you will return from your stay in Tenerife with a renewed body and mind, ready to face the challenges and efforts of your day to day life. And you’ll probably be calculating when you’ll be able to come back…

  • Stretching and massage are key to avoid back pains

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  • Foot massage in Tenerife South

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  • Aromatic oil for a complete sensory experience

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