Buggy in Tenerife

What will happen after the next dune?

The buggy in Tenerife, the definitive off-road vehicle

If you are one of those who love the motor world and like to go off the beaten path, good for you. If you also enjoy a thrilling drive and like the contact with nature, then you’ve made bingo by coming to Tenerife. If you meet these conditions, we can assure you that you will have a great time on a buggy excursion in Tenerife.

Buggies are fun and rugged vehicles, perfect for rough and sandy terrain.

It is always said that buggies are ideal for sandy terrain, such as deserts or beaches. In that sense, anyone can see that Tenerife, with its volcanic badlands, its arid areas and its long coastline, is the ideal place to put this type of naughty vehicle to the test.

Resistant and with a certain tendency to oversteer due to its rear-wheel drive, the buggy allows you to go through areas that are difficult to access with other vehicles. And they are a lot of fun! Driven by experienced pilots, they offer the user a very exciting experience, always reminiscent of the classic off-road rallies, and take you to discover spectacular natural spaces that you would otherwise only be able to see from afar…

As you might guess, it is not possible to rent buggies in Tenerife on your own, as they are rather special vehicles and the required permits are quite demanding. But you will be able to drive in some cases, and you will find a lot of different excursions and tours where you can take full advantage of your buggy in Tenerife.

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    Buggy in Tenerife, 1 adventure in the mountains of the island
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    Buggy in Tenerife, 1 adventure in the mountains of the island

More Buggy Activities in Tenerife

Buggy excursions throughout the island

Most buggy-related activities are concentrated in the south of Tenerife. are concentrated in the south of Tenerife. However, you can visit very diverse places…

Buggy Paradise: Synonym of buggy passion in Tenerife. If you care more about having fun with the vehicle than seeing natural attractions, do not hesitate, these people settled in Fañabé (next to Costa Adeje) know what they are doing. The fleet is excellent, the routes are perfectly designed for driving enjoyment. And they offer you transportation facilities, stops at emblematic places… What more do you want?

Buggy Safari Tenerife: The people from Vilaflor are true specialists in launching your adrenaline through the clouds touring the Teide Natural Park in their sturdy two-seater buggies. With a basically off-road route that starts at their ecological farm, Pino Gordo and the Mirador de Ucanca are two of their star stops, with tremendous panoramic views of the island; in addition, they invite you to a tasting of local wine and cheese!

Top Buggy Adventure: As their name suggests, they make adventure their raison d’être. They offer their clients a balanced combination of terrain and experiences in their tours, which are mainly between the Teide and the south coast of Tenerife. This way, you have the fun of the buggy without missing some of the most attractive places of the island. Its headquarters are located in Costa Adeje.

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More buggy tours and experiences in Tenerife

Tourist activities with buggies are experiencing a real boom on the island, and the options are becoming more and more numerous

Quad Gigantes: In the heart of Santiago del Teide you will find a house focused on off-road motor activities. Their buggy excursions are among the most complete on the island. Starting from its strategic enclave, they will show you the charms of Teno and Isla Baja, from the highest viewpoints to the Callao beach in Buenavista del Norte, crossing banana plantations and puddles. A must.

Buggy-Club Tenerife: If driving a buggy in Tenerife is a priority requirement for you, this may be a good possibility. They make excursions to Los Gigantes, Teide or Masca, interspersing asphalt sectors with other off-road, in which you are the real protagonist. They have good machines and the prices are very affordable. You will find them between Fañabé and Costa Adeje.

Tenerife Buggy Trip: Chío is the nerve center of this tourist company that will make you spend a very entertaining day. They propose you to visit with them some of the most emblematic places in Tenerife. Their walk through the rugged area of Masca will not leave you indifferent, and they will accompany you in the vicinity of the Teide both day and night, to know the bright night side of the island.

“On the road we make happy journeys. Off the road we make heavenly journeys.” – Bhati Rathore

Sand, dust and lots of fun

Maybe you’re one of those die-hard buggy fans, or maybe you’ve never been on a buggy in your life. Maybe you come to Tenerife with one of these experiences in mind, or maybe the idea comes out of nowhere. Be that as it may, it is very likely that once you have tried a buggy excursion in Tenerife you will want to do it again and again, over and over again…

And the buggy in Tenerife must be experienced to understand the fans of this activity. The rattling of the vehicle under your body and the horizon in front of you , always oscillating and always making you discover new things… These are priceless sensations.

Once you have decided on a particular buggy rental tour, Tenerife will show you as you have never seen it before. An island with a climate that borders on perfection and full of tourist attractions, yes, but also a land brimming with secrets to discover, with unexpected places and plenty of space to live an adventure on wheels.

You already know, either before coming or once here, hire your buggy tour; Tenerife is much more than sun and beach, theme parks or papas arrugás. This does not mean that, once you get rid of the dust and sand of the road, you can enjoy the local gastronomy, have a great time in a water park or sunbathe in Las Teresitas or El Médano…

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