Yoga in Tenerife

Reaches peace in the eternal springtime

The perfect place to retreat and meditate

Tenerife is an island with many facets. It is a natural treasure, a first class holiday destination and a privileged place for the practice of numerous outdoor and adventure sports. But it is also an environment full of well-preserved corners, where traditional life goes on. They are privileged spaces to do yoga in Tenerife.

In Tenerife you will find privileged places to give yourself to the practice of yoga.

You will discover as soon as you arrive that here your body and spirit will ask for relaxation. It has a lot to do with the serene pace of life typical of the Canary Islands. The goodness of the weather also points in that direction. The landscapes of Tenerife, both the arid and volcanic terrains as well as the wet and wooded areas, are extremely inspiring.

Yoga came hand in hand with the first wave of European tourism, but it was not until the wellness tourism boom that yoga flourished in Tenerife. This ancient practice involves meditation, breathing, movements and postures that seek to harmonize the body and spirit in search of well-being. And in Tenerife, we know a lot about welfare.

Whether you are looking for pilates classes, taichi classes or yoga classes, Tenerife offers its visitors a wide range of alternative therapies to choose from. And within the world of yoga you will find a large number of different disciplines and specialties. From complete neophytes to the most advanced practitioners, there is a place on the mats for everyone.

Yoga in the north of Tenerife

The greenest area of Tenerife
is the ideal place to practice yoga and other alternative therapies, and there are plenty of spaces designed for this purpose.

Pura Vida Tenerife:
In this center located in Tegueste there is much more than yoga: conscious breathing workshops, rebirthing or self-esteem are among the most outstanding activities of its menu. And, of course, you can also come to do hatha yoga and prenatal yoga in the various weekly appointments that are available to you. You will love the green surroundings and the well-equipped center.

They are true yoga specialists in Tenerife. They have two centers, one in Santa Cruz and one in Puerto de la Cruz, where you can practice different modalities of yoga, always guided by experts. They will prepare you to enter this vast world and help you to internalize different postures and sequences.

Masca Mandala:
This is much more than a yoga center. It is a retreat nestled in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of Masca, in the Teno Natural Park. In addition to a wide range of yoga exercises in small groups, they offer accommodation facilities, food (on an ecological and slow basis) and other leisure activities. Yoga professionals are also welcome.

  • Quiet & Relaxed

  • Individual

  • Single

  • Various Locations

  • Difficulty level: Easy

  • Between 1 and 2 hours

  • Economic (€)

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Yoga in the south of Tenerife

If you are looking for locations close to your vacation spot to do yoga, Tenerife south offers numerous possibilities; these are just a few.

Abora Yoga: From its base in Los Cristianos, this association offers you a close and easy yoga practice in Tenerife. Specialized in kundalini and chi kung, they also perform hatha activities, postural gymnastics and guided meditation, and conduct various monthly workshops, always with a holistic orientation. If you are interested in exploring your inner self, this is the place to go.

Tai Chi Tenerife: Just to show you the diversity of possibilities, we present you one of the specialized taichi spaces in Tenerife. It is located in Alcalá, between Los Gigante and Playa San Juan. They offer different taichi courses (sports, breathing, self-defense), as well as the so-called Taoist yoga. You can also choose to make a spiritual retreat with them.

Runachay Center: This is a holistic space where you will find numerous activities and courses within the broad spectrum of personal exploration. Yoga, taichi, reiki, meditation, karate, massage… As for yoga specifically, they offer 11 different specialties, from hatja yoga to acroyoga, through therapeutic yoga, ashtanga or kundalini. It is located in the village of San Isidro, halfway between El Médano and Granadilla de Abona.

“Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better the practice, the brighter the flame.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, raise your back…

In some of the centers we have shown you (and this applies to those that do not fit here) yoga is just another part of their offer to relax and get to know yourself better; in others, it is the fundamental tool to follow that path, almost a way of life. Come to try it, or can’t live without yoga?

From the most spiritual retreats to the most sporty sessions, you can indulge in this relaxing practice in the modality and with the intensity you prefer. In Tenerife you will find hundreds of ways to complement yoga with other wellness, sports, cultural or leisure activities. Beach?Museums? Kayaking? Spa? Here there is everything, and time for everything…

Choose spaces that are secluded from the world, hidden among the vegetation or with phenomenal views; or opt for simple and modest centers, true oases in the midst of hectic civilization. Include yoga in a broader wellness program or make it the center of your daily activity. You choose your level of involvement. The important thing is that the experience makes you feel better, inside and out.

What we are sure of is that the practice of yoga in Tenerife will not leave you indifferent. After just one session you will begin to see the island with different eyes. Its breathtaking landscapes, its charming people, its placid customs… Be careful; you would not be the first one to decide to change course and stay in the island of eternal spring…

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