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Paddle Surf on the coasts of Tenerife

If you are looking to practice Paddle Surf in Tenerife you should know that, for the most part, this sport is done in the south of the island, since most of the companies that offer board rentals or courses are located in this area. Paddle Surf is practicable during most of the year but it is recommended to do it in summer, which is the time when the sea is usually calmer.

We always find ourselves at sea.

Paddle Surfing is a somewhat unknown activity but is gaining followers over time. It consists of standing on a larger than normal surfboard and moving on it with the help of a paddle, either to go for a ride or to catch waves.

Although it is normal to wear a wetsuit when doing this activity, it is not necessary in the waters of Tenerife due to the good weather and the water temperature is not too low, especially in summer.

Paddle surfing is practiced for several purposes other than surfing:

For hiking: Using the larger size of the board which aids in its stability, you can go hiking with an ease similar to moving around in a kayak.

To fish: Most of the fish along the coast of Tenerife are not big enough to unsettle you if you hook them, so you can take advantage and have a different fishing afternoon with your board.

For yoga
A less common application on the island. Paddle surfing is often used in places like California to practice yoga on the coast in a different and relaxing way.

Paddle Surf activities in Tenerife

Where can I paddle surf in Tenerife?

If you want to learn how to Paddle Surf or just try it, here you have several options.

Sea Adventure Dive Club Tenerife
: Located at El PalmarAmong a wide variety of activities, this company offers excursions to go out to see the turtles and dolphins in the area. Experiences include a snorkeling session.

Nautilo’s Sup
based in
Los Gigantes,
offers kayak and paddle surf trips. Enjoy the beautiful views of the cliffs of
Los Gigantes
a perfect excuse to visit the area and see all it has to offer.

Arona Tenerife Surf Academy
is the ideal place to start. They offer classes in small groups with a large cast of professional tutors to teach you the sport or conventional surfing.

Ika Ika Surf Camp and School Tenerú: lthe last of the list, located in
Playa de las Americas
has classes available to its customers at multiple levels both in surfing, with all kinds of boards, as in Paddle Surf. Offering a flexible schedule and other services such as massages, here you can disconnect from everything and practice Paddle Surf with the help of professionals while you navigate the wonderful waters of the beach of Las Américas.
Las Americas beach.

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    Paddle surf en Tenerife

But… What is Paddle Surf?

Stand Up Paddle or Paddle Surf is a sport that originated in Hawaii in the 1960s. At this time, surf instructors began to use larger boards and paddles to move over the water, partially copying the traditional fishermen of the area who moved in a similar way but in canoes.

It was not recognized as a sport until 2013, when its boom in popularity began to spread its practice around the world. Stand Up Paddle Surfing in Tenerife is something new so it still doesn’t have too many followers or services available at the moment.

But you can always rent a board and try it on your own, the calm waters of this area of the Atlantic offer a multitude of coves ready to be discovered. If the sea is good, you can try not only in the southern area, but in any beach of the island. Take a ride in this innovative new sport!

You can practice Paddle surfing in Tenerife while enjoying your vacations. Take advantage of the location in the south of the island of the companies that offer this activity, and stay in the splendid hotels of the
splendid hotels
in this area. You will find multiple options close to the beach.

“Let’s go where the sun kisses the ocean.”

Discover Paddle Surf in Tenerife

If you want to do Paddle Surf in Tenerife you know where to go. On the other hand, if you wish to combine this activity with others, you can always find all kinds of activities on our website.

Remember that, to practice paddle surfing, you will need a suitable board and a paddle. You can rent them from several of the companies mentioned above for a small fee and use them for the period of time you have contracted. It should be noted that the cold current of the Canary Islands is not as “cold” as it may seem, especially in summer. So make sure whether or not you are comfortable with the sea temperature before deciding to rent.

If you are going to paddle surf, keep in mind that you can use the areas marked for public use but not those designated for boats. Such marking, if in force, takes the form of a line of orange buoys forming a perimeter.

If you are in doubt about local legislation, consult us, the Coast Guard, your rental company or any port authority. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the activity and its limits.

If you want to fish using your Paddle surf, don’t miss our Fishing in Tenerife page. You will be informed about licenses, equipment rental, types of fish and their legal sizes… and you will be able to get an idea of which beaches you can go to for both activities and who knows, maybe you will decide to do one of them. boat excursion to accompany rowing days and change the rhythm.

We hope you have found this information useful, and we look forward to seeing you on the beach this vacation season enjoying this fun sport.

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    Paddle surf en Tenerife
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