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Take the opportunity on your next visit and try Parasailing in Tenerife: An exciting and fun activity for the whole family. Parascending or parasailing companies are open all year round, so no matter when you want to come to the island, you will always have the opportunity to enjoy this activity.

The sky is no longer the limit.

Parascending is an experience for all ages, although minors must be accompanied by an adult and have the permission of their parent or legal guardian. The company reserves the minimum age depending on the equipment available. If you want to take a child Parasailing, please check the conditions of the excursion when you make your reservation.

Remember that this activity is not advisable if you are pregnant. For safety reasons, participants will be provided with a life jacket for the flight.

Being a outdoor activity practiced mostly in the south of the island, We recommend the use of sunscreen, because, although you will not notice excessive heat thanks to the air and the sea water that will cool you while it lasts, the effect of the sun on your skin if it is unprotected will be visible. Parascending in Tenerife is an experience that requires a calm sea and not very strong winds. In case you encounter adverse weather conditions, you will be offered a refund or a change of date for the activity.

Parasailing Activities in Tenerife

What is Parasailing?

Parasailing is the act of towing with the help of a motor boat one or more persons who ascend in the air thanks to a paraglider or parachute, thus making them rise while maintaining an altitude of
between 50 and 100m from the ground
. This activity usually lasts approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Parascending is usually for one to two adults accompanied optionally by a minor. The capacity of persons and the admission of minors depends on the specific equipment available to the company.

This recreational activity was invented in the 1980s. The first competitions held in the middle of that decade are still being practiced today, having grown in number of competitors, spectators, and casual practitioners of the same.

Parascending is a very pleasant ride in the air. People in paragliding don’t have to worry about anything, just let themselves go and marvel at the views. The crew in charge of the boat does most of the work, maneuvers and photography.

If you want to take
photos from the sky
Before going up, ask if you can bring a camera or cell phone. It is imperative that they are water resistant and it is recommended that they have a cable or safety tether on hand to prevent damage or loss of equipment.

Some companies offer spectator prices, so you can sit on the boat and enjoy the ride and the views at sea level while your companion has fun on the heights.

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  • Alone or in Family

  • Various Locations

  • Nivel de dificultad: Fácil

  • 30 min - 1 hour

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  • Parasailing in Tenerife South

    Parascending in Tenerife
  • Parasailing in Tenerife

    Parascending en Tenerife
  • Parasailing in Adeje, Tenerife south

    Parascending en Tenerife
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Here are some options.

Parascending Tenerife: based in Puerto Colón, this company has been offering its services for more than 15 years. Offer Parascending, whale watching, jet skiing, Bob Diving, zodiac rental… These activities are combinable and can be booked together in packages of two.

Water Sports Tenerife: brings to the table Parascending, Jetski, Flyfish, Banana, Stand Up Paddle and whale watching excursions departing from Puerto Colon. You can get packs of 2 or 3 activities with discount. Parascending in particular can be in Puerto Colón, Torviscas, Las Américas, Los Cristianos, Fañabe and Bahía del Duque, with transportation included in the price. The minimum age for Parasailing is 8 years old.

Banana Palm Bay: departing from Puerto Colon, this company will take you to Las Americas. In their excursions they offer whale watching, trips on different boats, quad safaris… Children 8 years old and older can Parascending.

Aj. Fly ParascendingChoose this company that offers spectator prices if you just want a boat ride while the others do the activity. With them you have the option of hiring a Jetski trip. You can also book a pack of both activities individually or for two people. Includes 10 minutes of Parascending and 40 minutes of Jetskiing.

“Fly high, not for the world to see you but for you to see the world.”

Finally, …

We hope you have enjoyed our guide and that you will add Parascending in Tenerife to your vacations. If you have any doubts, don’t worry, the activity is safe for young and old alike and on the recreational side, you will find a great ride in the skies around the coast.

The duration of the activity varies depending on the company hired. Some will take you out of the harbor and start right there. Others offer travel to different and more attractive scenarios to make sure you enjoy your outing to the fullest. The latter excursions usually last a little longer.

Don’t miss Parascending in Tenerife! You can practice it in any season of the year and every day of the week. It is ideal to complement a day at the beach or in combination with various water sports. Most of the companies listed offer similar activities to complete your day of excitement and adventure. As an example you have Flyboarding, whale watching trips, Stand Up Paddle, Jetski and much more.

If you do not know how to get to the pier, ask us when you make the reservation if the company has a transfer service. Most of them offer free or paid transportation to take you to the departure pier if your hotel is in the same area where the activity takes place. See you on the air on your next vacation!

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