Jeep Safari in Tenerife

Live an adventure on wheels in Tenerife.  

Enjoy Jeep Safari in Tenerife

If you want to add a unique activity to your summer adventure, leaving Jeep Safari in Tenerife is something you can’t miss.

Take incredible pictures of the different stages of Tenerife.  

Following the line of the rest of the guides on our page, tell you that the good weather in Tenerife will accompany you all year round, so you can do this activity without a problem, whether it is in 4×4 or buggy. The summer has a greater affluence of tourists and probably you will have company in the excursions, but do not worry, any month is valid and optimal to enjoy them, so you have to choose which season you like best to enjoy your holidays.

Most of the tours are accompanied by a guide who will give you information about the local history, fauna and flora, apart from offering to pick you up at your hotel if you are staying in the same area of the island where the excursion takes place.

If you decide to come in winter, this activity is still available, but keep in mind that depending on the amount of snow at the summit that year, it will be more difficult to access Teide National Park.

Keep in mind that, even if the area is snowy, you need to apply sunscreen to the sun-exposed parts of your body. Warm clothing is recommended, as although the weather is pleasant at your starting point, once you gain altitude and get close to El Teide, the temperature will drop quickly and you’ll appreciate having brought a sweater or jacket. You will know the different microclimates of Tenerife in one day!

What can I expect from Jeep Safari?

Jeep Safari in Tenerife offers a wide variety of excursions in the different zones of the island so that you can explore the different sceneries of the island, they are also suitable for the whole family!

You can take these trips as lessons in local knowledge, as photo tours or as long walks through the wonderful views of Tenerife. No matter how you approach it, these excursions will be a great addition to your holiday.

Thanks to the special climate of the Canary Islands, in winter you will be able to take pictures of the green and leafy forests of the north of the island, as well as the snowy slopes of El Teide. At the end of the activity, you will be able to take a bath in the beaches of the south and thus have a complete day!

Jeep excursions usually last between 4 and 8 hours, which include several stops along the way at points of interest. For example, in the viewpoints. Some companies offer food included in the activity pack. If they don’t include it, don’t worry, they’ll probably make a stop somewhere where you can eat quietly.

Please note that these excursions are organized in caravans of several jeeps (between 2 and 6 normally) with a capacity of between 4 and 8 people before counting the guide and driver. You will probably have to share a jeep if you go alone or in pairs, especially in summer. Take the opportunity to socialize with people of different nationalities who are enjoying their holidays on the island.

  • Relaxed and Fun

  • Instagramable

  • With Family

  • Several Locations

  • Difficulty level: Easy

  • Between 4 and 7 Hours

  • Moderate (€€)

Here are some companies to carry out the activity

Due to the newness of the activity, there are a limited number of offers, but they all have, without a doubt, the highest quality to offer their customers, so you can trust that you are not wrong whatever you choose and that you will have the best adventure possible.

Tamarán: based in Tenerife, has half-day excursions to visit the Teide National Park. It also offers tours to Masca passing through the National Park and Vilaflor, Aripe and Chirche. If you prefer, you can book an excursion visiting Masca only in-depth.

Buggy Safari Tenerife: its tour starts at an ecological farm in the south of the island. Then passes through Vilaflor, Pino Gordo, climbs through the Ucanca Viewpoint towards El Teide National Park, and culminates in an off-road ride through nature. This company offers the most adventurous version of these trips.

“Trees are the earth’s efforts to speak to the listening sky.”

A fun and unique experience

Jeep Safari in Tenerife is an activity that you can add to your holidays to know more places on the island without having to worry about driving, get lost on the road or lose places of interest or details of them. The El Teide tours will show you the endemic species, the paths used by the aborigines and other curious details, apart from showing you much of the National Park.

If you visit Masca, you will be able to witness the impressive views provided by the area’s terrain, ravines and gigantic slopes as well as knowing stories and legends of this fantastic part of the island. You will have the opportunity to taste the local food that competes spectacularly with the landscapes of the area.

If you want to explore Tenerife and you can’t or don’t like hiking, Jeep Safari offers a perfect alternative to enjoy the beautiful corners of the island in a more comfortable environment.

This activity will probably take up all morning and part of the afternoon, but if you feel like more, you can end your adventures on the coast. Try to get close to the island’s beaches to go sailing or practice different water sports. You can have fun experiences in two different enclaves on the same day.

We hope that our text will encourage you to add one more activity to your travel list and one more page to your scrapbook by choosing Tenerife as your next holiday destination.

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