Electric Chairs in Tenerife

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The vehicle to achieve your autonomy

If there is one thing the tourism sector in Tenerife can boast about, it is the good accessibility indexes for visitors with reduced mobility who come to the island. From beaches to viewpoints, there are always options for people with motor disabilities. To round it off, it is easy to find power chairs for rent in Tenerife.

Electric wheelchairs offer users a great deal of autonomy in their movements.

Electric wheelchairs and scooters are a great way to gain autonomy when moving around. It is easier to thoroughly enjoy a tourist stay, reducing the difficulties to explore the nooks and crannies of the island of eternal spring and discover many of its wonders and peculiarities.

Fortunately, the island authorities strive every day to facilitate accessibility for all people with reduced mobility to more and more places, reducing architectural barriers and adapting spaces. Thus, it is becoming easier for everyone to reach more and more tourist, natural, cultural and leisure sites

Ready to live Tenerife? In the following paragraphs we give you a couple of ideas of places you can visit and activities you can do using electric chairs in Tenerife. We also offer several rental options. For you to enjoy Tenerife like everyone else, or like no one else.

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  • Playa de las Vistas – Mobility Scooter in Tenerife

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Easily accessible attractions

The electric chairs in Tenerife will allow you, without great complications, to reach places out of the ordinary and live unrepeatable experiences. Three examples:

The pyramids of Güímar:
What are these mysterious pyramids that rise in the southeastern part of the island? Are they simply piles of stones for agricultural work or is there more to it? Why do they appear to be aligned with the sun? Walk through the gardens (one sustainable and one poisonous) of this ethnographic park, take the outdoor tours and experience the double sunset.

Whale watching: Few experiences are as exciting as sailing among dolphins, pilot whales, orcas, whales… In the south of the island you will find numerous adapted boats that will take you along the coastline (spectacular in itself; have you heard of the cliffs of Los Gigantes?) in routes full of vitality and surprises.

Astronomical observation:
If you’re a fan of electric reclining chairs, you’ll love Tenerife. And more than its land, its sky. And particularly, its night sky. Hike up to Teide National Park on any of the many guided tours available. The sunset is breathtaking, but is dwarfed by the spectacle of the pristine Tenerife sky. There are more stars than you can believe…

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  • Electric Chairs to climb up to the Teide

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  • Electric chair rental in Tenerife

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  • Mobility scooters in the south of Tenerife

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Renting an electric wheelchair in Tenerife

When it comes to rental, electric wheelchairs in Tenerife can be easily found. These are the main options.

Tomé Cano: This prestigious orthopedic company offers comprehensive services ranging from footprint analysis to a wide range of products. If you are looking for electric chairs in Tenerife, they have the great advantage of renting and transporting the product or material you need. In addition, they have three different locations strategically distributed throughout the island: Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz and Los Cristianos. A sure bet.

Orthopedics Park: They are professionals in the sector with 25 years behind them, and they will know how to help you with whatever you need. Its technical aids rental service includes power chairs, self-propelled manual chairs, scooters, walkers and others. They have different models, and you will find the one you like the most. They have their store in the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Active Mobility Tenerife: If you are in Los Cristianos or surroundings, this is a good option. Qualified personnel, top brands, repair services, free shipping in Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas, and all this without deposit. In addition, they offer the possibility to make your transfer from or to the two airports of the island. And its range of scooters and powerchairs is wide and varied, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

“I believe that disabled people should concentrate on the things that their disability does not prevent them from doing and not lament the things they cannot do.” – Stephen Hawking

Barriers are there to be jumped

No, it’s not an incitement to vandalism… It’s more of a statement. Every day, thousands of people with disabilities strive to enjoy the same possibilities as people without disabilities. And what is more difficult is always much more enjoyable. For the enjoyment in itself, and for the fact of having overcome an extra difficulty.

Take advantage of the facilities offered by the electric chairs in Tenerife to make the most of the island. You will find that it is much more accessible than you might imagine. Swim at the beach and try the local cuisine, but don’t forget to climb mountains, go paragliding or visit a water park. Anyway, since you have come

The technical aids to mobility are a first-class tool to enjoy the natural and cultural riches of Tenerife at your own pace and at your own pace. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with and set off on a tour of the island, from the mountainous areas of Teno and Anaga to the privileged beaches of the south, passing through the volcanic badlands or the agricultural midlands.

All you need is the desire to have a good time and live to the fullest the experiences that Tenerife can provide. Dozens of activities are at your fingertips; decide what interests you most, plan your visit well and get ready to feel the greatness of Tenerife inside you. There is so much to discover… You may become one of the many who stay here forever!

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Activities for all ages in Tenerife