Sailing in Tenerife

Relax and let yourself be cradled by the waves.  

What do I need to sail in Tenerife?

You have all kinds of options to sail in Tenerife: from small fibre- to large sailboats and catamarans. Please note that if you plan to rent a boat without crew, you must have a license appropriate to the size and engine (if any) of the boat.

Then everything will cease to matter little by little, except the paradise in the sea and navigate and navigate and navigate.

Tenerife is a splendid island for year-round sailing, both sailing and motoring. A boat offers incredible opportunities to visit coves hidden from view and which are normally inaccessible on foot or by car.

If you plan to fish, remember that it is necessary to have an adequate fishing license. You can check what license to obtain on this page of the Canary Islands Government. Do not forget also to respect the minimum sizes of the catches.

If you rent a boat with crew, it is usually made up of a captain and one or more sailors, depending on the size of the group or boat. Normally, boats are rented by the hour, although there are also options to rent them for longer periods if you intend to have a maritime adventure in Tenerife or the Canary Islands in general. Similarly, most boat trips on the island are excursions, mainly for whale watching. It should be noted that practically all the activities at sea offered by the island’s tourism companies are suitable for the whole family.

Where can I go to Sail in Tenerife?

Always respecting buoy signage at all times, navigating in Tenerife is easy as there is no special area in which navigation is restricted. So, feel free to get lost in all the nooks and crannies of the island, especially the ones below.

Ocadilla Beach: hidden near Punta Hidalgo, this beach is perfect for sailing, enjoying a natural cave where you can take refuge from the sun on the hottest days and also have some privacy. It is only accessible by boat or kayak, so it is empty most of the year.

Playa de La Garañona: This beach in the north of Tenerife is accessible by sea and by a rather complicated path on the cliff wall, so it is unlikely that you will have company.

Playa de Masca: this location can only be reached by boat or by making a somewhat difficult path, however, it is a well-known enclave so, surely, there is someone on the beach when you arrive.

Montaña Pelada Beach: accessible only by boat, this southern beach of the island is ideal to be alone and enjoy privacy along with its beautiful sand and white stones.

Playa del Ancón: the least known, solitary and secluded beach on the coast of La Orotava, to the north of the island. A secret paradise!

Playa Roque Bermejo: this area is the most popular of all, mainly because it is right next to a village, however, you have a small port where you can moor the boat and spend as much time as you want on the beach. It has a plus: it’s a phenomenal fishing location.

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  • With Family

  • Several Locations

  • Difficulty level: Easy

  • 1 to 5 hours

  • Moderate (€€)

How can I go sailing?

The possibility of renting boats in Tenerife is quite common. You can approach any major port on the south of the island such as Puerto Colón and, if you walk along the pontoons, you will find plenty of posters and people announcing departures to sail in Tenerife in various ways. However, to rent a private boat, the best option is the internet. We have compiled this list to make it easier for you to find your perfect boat.

Viking Cruise Ragnarok: we have to mention this unique cruise. This Viking boat will take you to see cetaceans in Puerto Colón with a great crew and service. It’s an adventure you can’t miss.

Radical Jet Ski: This company located in Puerto Colón offers Zodiac rental of various sizes, Jet ski and a wide range of activities that you can try in your stay. Take advantage and take all sorts of memories with them!

White Tenerife: This luxurious catamaran will take you to see cetaceans in Costa Adeje. You can take a dip in the refreshing Atlantic Ocean. They have excursions of 3 to 5 hours with catering included in these last ones.

Roulette Luxury Sailboat: another company based in Costa Adeje. It offers outings for small groups, with a more intimate atmosphere. Includes pick-up and return to your hotel if it is less than 20 km from Puerto Colón, drinks and snacks, as well as snorkeling equipment to give you a dip in places away from the bustle of tourist areas. Without a doubt, a luxurious experience.

Third Element Luxury Charters: Located in Los Gigantes, we offer luxurious sailing trips to explore the beautiful cliffs of the area, see the different species of cetaceans and swim in a solitary cove. Snorkeling equipment included. The boat can accommodate up to 8 people. Drinks such as cava, wine and soft drinks are included. If you wish, you can order vegetarian and gluten-free food, take advantage of the opportunity and indulge yourself!

“A ship should not sail with a single anchor, nor life with a single hope”

Don’t miss the chance to go sailing!

La mayoría de empresas de alquiler y Charters (empresas de excursiones) operan durante todo el año, aunque cabe destacar que fuera de la época estival, podrás disfrutar de navegar en Tenerife a un ritmo más relajado y acompañado por un número menor de personas. La temporada alta va de de junio a agosto. Puedes mirar la predicción del tiempo aquí.

Tenerife tiene todo tipo de calas escondidas y localizaciones remotas que no son accesibles desde tierra, así que, si logras alquilar un barco para ti solo, hay una buena posibilidad de que encuentres playas totalmente desiertas. Recuerda tener claro qué clase de barco puedes llevar. No olvides que alquilar el barco con un capitán siempre es una opción.

Como último consejo, te recomendamos una actividad que técnicamente no es navegar, pero todo el mundo debería probar: el Submarine Safari Tenerife. Este submarino te llevará en una excursión submarina que nunca olvidarás. Esperamos que te hayan gustado nuestras opciones y que le saques el máximo provecho a todas las actividades. Si quieres conocer más experiencias que hacer en la isla, échale un buen vistazo a nuestra pagina. Seguro que encontrarás algo que encajará perfectamente con tu idea de las vacaciones perfectas. ¡Nos vemos en tu próximo viaje!